Eddie Gehman Kohan

Eddie Gehman Kohan is the creator and author of ObamaFoodorama.com, the blog of record about Obama administration food initiatives, covering everything from the Let's Move! campaign to social and political food events at the White House.

  • 7-Eleven melting at idea of White House 'Slurpee Summit'

    At Wednesday’s post-election presidential press conference, a summit built around frozen slushies — the Everyman drink, we guess — was suggested as a way of returning to bipartisanship.

  • White House loads policy initiatives into a few hours of fun at Healthy Kids Fair

    Cross-posted from Obama Foodorama. Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack watches Mrs. Obama make remarks at the opening of the Fair.Photo: Obama FoodoramaA challenge for change, and White House Chefs demo’ing delicious, nutritious recipes… The autumn sunshine was very bright, the …

  • White House hosts farmers market

    Michelle Obama at White House Farmer’s MarketPhoto: Obama Foodorama Cross-posted from Obama Foodorama. Despite rain and cold temperatures, today’s opening of the new White House Farmers Market drew quite a crowd. “I’ve never seen so many people so excited about …