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Edward Mazria's Posts


Taking a cue from King Solomon

A skeptical take on efficiency money in Obama’s jobs plan

King Solomon, reputed to be the wisest man who ever lived, had the difficult job of deciding which of two women was the rightful mother of a baby they both claimed to be their own. Amidst their cries of claims and counterclaims, Solomon did something unique, unexpected, and very, very wise. He acted based on what he knew without question to be true: a mother’s love and human nature. With regards to his Jobs Plan, President Obama would do well to take a cue from King Solomon. He should base his Jobs Plan on what he knows without question to …


Are new nuclear plants the answer? No.

Oh, those sexy building codes: More powerful than 100 nuclear plants

Building energy codes are the key.Are 100 new nuclear plants the solution to our climate troubles? I asked that question in a post last week. The answer lies buried deep within the 1,428-page Waxman-Markey climate bill (H.R. 2454, the American Clean Energy and Security Act), passed by the House and now under consideration in the Senate. It is Section 201, pages 320-348. It is this section that makes H.R. 2454 worth passing. No matter what else is compromised or changed in the climate bill as it works its way through the Senate, Section 201 must not be changed or weakened. …


100 nuclear plants: The answer?

  Architecture 2030 will post a better answer on Grist next week. Stay tuned ... UPDATE:  Here's the answer.  


A hog in a tuxedo is still a hog

NAIOP releases disinformation study downplaying building efficiency

I was wondering when it would happen: a building sector disinformation campaign launched by vested interests. Well it's here. The campaign hit the New York Times on Saturday, and it comes from NAIOP, the Commercial Real Estate Development Association. It appears just as the country has come to grips with the fact that buildings are responsible for over 50% (50.1% to be exact*) of all the energy consumed in the U.S. It comes at a time when Americans are trying to reshape their energy policy and wean themselves from dependence on foreign oil, dwindling natural gas reserves, and dirty conventional …

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Building stimulus on Capitol Hill

2030 Challenge Stimulus Plan: Emission reductions, jobs, and economic benefits across the country

President-elect Obama has committed to economic recovery, energy independence, carbon-neutral buildings by 2030, and an 80 percent reduction in U.S. greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. Architecture 2030 has developed a groundbreaking economic stimulus plan [PDF] that simultaneously addresses all of these issues, with a single investment. Kristina Kershner and I presented the 2030 Challenge Stimulus Plan to policymakers and industry leaders in the nation's capitol last week. It is gathering steam. The Plan takes a focused approach, strategically inserting scarce investment dollars into the economy to get the widest range of benefits. With a federal investment of $85.56 billion each …

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Live, baby, live

Architecture 2030’s challenge targets would provide five times the energy as offshore and nuclear

Because America's energy crisis is adversely impacting our economy and national security, it is critical to take a realistic look at the energy solutions currently being proposed by politicians, industry, and the media. Architecture 2030 in its latest E-News Bulletin illustrates that the centerpiece of America's proposed "Bold Energy Plan," consisting of 45 new nuclear plants and offshore drilling, would supply a meager three percent of the 118 QBtu of energy that the Energy Information Administration projects America will consume in 2030. The other proposed big idea is "clean coal" technology, which is at best 15 to 20 years out, …


Drill here, drill now

A pipe dream

Data Source: U.S. Energy Information Administration From Architecture 2030

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Your city council could save the world

How local building codes can be adapted to meet the 2030 Challenge right now

Compared to cutting-edge technologies -- nanotechnology, coal with carbon capture and sequestration, biomimicry -- building codes seem downright stodgy and, dare I say it?, boring. Yet, much to the surprise of many, building codes are fast becoming the Titans in the battle against climate change. Able to fell with a single blow the giants on the other side of the battlefield -- out-of-control greenhouse-gas emissions, thoughtless energy consumption, and gross energy inefficiency -- building codes are beginning to look pretty darn sexy in their own right. Buildings are responsible for approximately 48 percent of all energy consumption and GHG emissions …

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The 2030 Blueprint

Solving climate change can save billions, boost the economy, and create jobs

A new report from Architecture2030 shows that solving the climate change crisis can save billions of dollars, stimulate a deteriorating U.S. economy, and create high quality jobs (full report here). Complex problems sometimes require the simplest of solutions. One of the most important questions facing those attempting to solve the climate crisis is, "How do we reduce CO2 emissions dramatically and immediately?" The simplest answer is, "Turn off the coal plants." Although coal produces about half of the energy supplied by the electric power sector, it is responsible for 81% of the sector's CO2 emissions. According to recent paper by …



Wear blue for Earth Day 2008 to vote for no coal!

(high-res version here; free for distribution) Earth Day 2008 is going to be historic. We, along with numerous other groups around the nation, are calling on everyone to wear blue during Earth Day 2008 to signify a vote for no coal. Events will be happening around the world from April 19-22, so ... If you're attending the Earth Day event on the National Mall in Washington, D.C. on April 20, wear blue. If you're attending another major Earth Day event, wear blue. When you dress in the morning on Earth Day, wear blue. No matter what you're doing for Earth …