Elizabeth Shogren

Correspondent Elizabeth Shogren writes High Country News’s D.C. Dispatches from Washington.

executive disorder

Here’s what Trump’s decision means for the Dakota Access Pipeline

It will pave the way for the project and make it harder to make successful legal challenges.

blurry vision

Trump’s energy plan is riddled with contradictions

It's difficult to make sense of the current, vague outline.

regulate to the party

House Republicans are determined to undo regulations — and block new ones

Targeted rules include protecting streams from coal mining and reducing methane leaks on public land.

path of lease resistance

Oil and gas leases canceled on Blackfeet sacred land in Montana

The tribe has fought against the Badger-Two Medicine leases for 30 years.

looking back

How Obama transformed clean energy in the West

The region's energy development revolution may prove hard for Trump to stamp out.