Ellie Johnston

Ellie Johnston is the Lead Now fellowship director at SustainUS, a youth-led organization that empowers U.S. youth to advance sustainable development at UN conferences and back at home. She also works at Climate Interactive, which helps global leaders and citizens explore the pathways to address our climate, energy, and sustainability challenges through simulations and systems thinking.

The chicken taste like Lexus!!!

Fusion won’t save us from climate change

The latest fusion breakthrough comes not from that Asian/Mexican place down the block, but from Lockheed Martin. You’re wise to keep your expectations low.

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Delegates from around the world have convened in Qatar for the COP18 climate talks. Frustrated with the inaction, youth activists raise some hell.

The Earth Summit debacle: Why our leaders don’t have game

Predictions that the Rio summit would fail became a self-fulfilling prophesy, says one young activist. But that failure can also be a catalyst for change.

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This is an opportunity, one youth leader says, for those energized by the street and internet democracy that has proliferated in recent years to bring their voices to the table with world leaders.