Elly Blue

Elly Blue is a writer and bicycle activist based in Portland, Ore. She blogs at Taking the Lane and is writing a book about Bikenomics that comes out in 2013. You can also find her on Twitter.


Bicycles at war

The bicycle, though it's increasingly branded with progressive politics, has a long history in the armed forces.


Spokes Patrol: Bike cops out in force at Occupy Portland

Portland Police have made an art of policing public protests by bicycle, and man do they know how to spoil a good party.


Marching on two wheels: bikes, protest, and public space

The folks on Wall Street discover what Critical Mass has long known: A bike is a powerful protest tool.


Dinner & Bikes Tour: The best and the worst

After a month in search of bike-friendly communities, Elly Blue returns to report the good news: The things are popping up everywhere.


Kangaroo bikes and Bambi killers: Meet the cyclists of ‘Outdoorsia’

On the South Dakota fringe, Elly Blue discovers a mutant bike culture and a new way to bring home the, uh, bacon.


Road hogs: Minneapolis cyclists don’t need to share

Last year, the City of Lakes stole the title of most bike friendly burg in America -- and rightly so. You have to ride it to believe it.


Red means stop, except for bikers in Kansas

Under a new Kansas law cooked up by bikers and motorcyclists, two-wheelers are allowed to run red lights.


Urban revival puts butts in the (bike) seats

How a community bicycle project is helping resuscitate downtown Topeka, Kansas, and unite a community at the same time.


Blogs put bikes on a path to world domination

The revolution won't be televised. Instead, we'll turn to the grassroots bicycle media to see the bright future of the sport take shape.

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