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There's safety in numbers for cyclists

During last year’s transit strike in Philadelphia, bike ridership boomed. That likely made streets safer for cyclists.Photo: Kyle GradingerIn U.S. cities, there are a lot more people out bicycling than just a few years ago. You might reasonably think that the bicycle crash rate would skyrocket as more people, from wobbly new riders to the outright safety-averse, take to the streets on two wheels. It's a fine, common-sense assumption -- that happens to be wrong. Research has been steadily showing, actually, that the more people are out there riding bicycles, the safer bicycling becomes. As ridership goes up, crash rates …

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Why an additional road tax for bicyclists would be unfair

We already do, thank you very much.Photo: Web TrendsThis is the first installment of a regular column about all things bicycle by Elly Blue. "Should cyclists pay a road tax?" That was printed on the side of one of Portland, Ore.'s MAX light rail trains as it sailed back and forth across the region for six months in 2009. The question was designed to provoke, and it did. "We already do!" I would grumble every time I saw it. It's true. And, fair being fair, we overpay. Say you own a car. You're shelling out an average of $9,519 this …

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