Emily Atkin

Emily Atkin is a reporter for Climate Progress.

Trump’s science cuts could change your everyday life

This time, it's personal.

How do climate deniers celebrate? By demanding more.

"I know that you guys kind of laugh at us, but we’re winning."

Trump’s EPA cuts would be a disaster for public health

“It literally will make people sick,” a former EPA official said.

Now there are air-pollution deniers, too

It's the new climate denial.

“Science” is no longer part of the EPA science office’s mission

Its website change signals a shift in the agency's direction.

Scott Pruitt is just as bad as Betsy Devos

So why has he gotten so little attention?

Power from the people: Human energy will fuel NYC’s New Year’s Eve ball drop

A 11,875-pound geodesic sphere, covered in 2,688 Waterford crystals, illuminated by 32,256 LED bulbs, powered completely by human energy.