Eric de Place

Eric de Place is a senior researcher at Sightline Institute, a Seattle-based sustainability think tank.

Bad news, coal industry: Proposed export terminal is in for a tough review

A planned coal export terminal in Washington state will have to undergo a rigorous study that will consider climate impacts and other potential environmental problems.

What it’s really like to have a coal terminal in your backyard

A British Columbia paper published a jaw-dropping exposé on pollution from local coal terminals. It's a must-read for anyone worried about how export terminals handle coal in reality.

Why is the U.S. government so bullish on coal predictions?

The Department of Energy has a more favorable outlook for coal than virtually any other major forecasting institution.

The carbon consequences of Northwest coal exports

There are six proposals to export coal from Northwest ports. When burned, that coal will create a disaster for the climate far worse than Keystone XL.

Picturing international coal trends

Four images of coal production and consumption over the past three decades shows that trends in Asia drive trends worldwide.

Why railroads care about coal exports

U.S. rail haul more coal than they do any other commodity. It's no wonder, then, that with domestic coal use declining, railways support coal exports.

Coal exports are a bigger threat than the tar-sands pipeline

This post originally appeared on Sightline Daily. The planned Keystone XL oil pipeline has earned major national attention for the damage it would do to the climate. At the same time, another climate drama is playing out with much less …

More coal in the U.S. means more pollution for China

A new report says U.S. coal exports mean more pollution in China.

Race, class, and the demographics of cycling

This post original appeared on Sightline’s Daily Score blog. If you’re reading this, then the phrase “interesting demographic data” probably doesn’t sound like an oxymoron to you. That’s a good thing, because you’ll find a heap of it in a …