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Eric Holthaus is a meteorologist who writes about weather and climate for Slate’s Future Tense. Follow him on Twitter.

Climate & Energy

Alaska governor: We need more oil drilling to pay for climate change damage

Now he's the laughingstock of Twitter.

Climate & Energy

Google will now tell you whether you should put solar panels on your roof

If climate change isn't a strong enough argument, a new Google Maps feature will make the solar decision a whole lot simpler for you.

Climate & Energy

Sorry, but Earth isn’t heading for another ice age

The study's author never implied a new ice age is imminent -- only that we may see a sharp downturn in the number of sunspots.


How buying in bulk actually wastes food

Shop more frequently instead.

Hot dam

Does hydropower make sense in a warming world?

Thanks to climate change, dams are a less reliable source of electricity, but a lot more of them are getting built anyway.

Climate & Energy

Look out, Arizona! California isn’t the only state getting hit by drought

Despite the drought’s epicenter in California, it’s Arizona that will bear the brunt of the West’s epic dry spell.

Climate & Energy

Has California’s megadrought already begun?

If it has, there will be widespread implications, including a significant re-shifting of California agriculture outside the state.

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Climate change is baking Alaska

Alaska is the canary in the climate coal mine, and that bird is in trouble.

Climate & Energy

Here’s ONE geoengineering scheme that isn’t crazy

Sucking excess CO2 from the air could likely be our best hope for returning concentrations to pre-industrial levels. If it works.