Erik Hoffner

Erik Hoffner works for Orion magazine and is also a freelance photographer and writer. Follow him on Twitter: @erikhoffner.

Anarchists, evil bishops, & rockers fight over future of a forest

Moscow forest battle boils over

Activist Evgenia Chirikova was rounded up with a number of her colleauges camped out on logging equipment following a violent demonstration in town.

sea turtle triage

Ambitious plans afoot to save turtles in the Gulf

The Gulf spill threatens loggerhead turtles, who are nesting along the Florida coast right now.Photo courtesy Crazy Creatures via FlickrSea Turtle Conservancy Director David Godfrey …

Meat man

Heritage Foods’ Patrick Martins wants to put slaughterhouses back in the city [Q&A]

Rare breed: Patrick Martins moves old-school meat.(Les Meyers photo)After founding Slow Food USA in 2000, Patrick Martins went on to cofound Heritage Foods USA, a …

Conservation Conversion

Russia’s public conservation lands under threat [updated]

The Khimki Forest Park.Photo: oDRussia[JULY 21 UPDATE] Some time during the third week of July, workers for the French construction company Vinci began cutting trees …

The Greenhorns

Meet a young farmer leading a greenhorn ‘guerilla’ movement

Severine von Tscharner Fleming, farmer and director of the film The Greenhorns. Severine von Tscharner Fleming is the director of the forthcoming film The Greenhorns …

Old growth, slow gain

Change is often incremental. Good change, usually glacial. That describes the update I recently received from a friend in Poland, anyhow, whose work I had …

Asian carp: battle or bait?

News of the impending Asian Carp invasion of the Great Lakes is sobering. But I have a solution. Are you listening, Maine Lobsterman’s Association? These …

The sins of Syngenta

New report calls for atrazine review

An important new report on atrazine was published yesterday and it’s about time. Pesticide Action Network and Land Stewardship Project have brought together the science …

36 years and countless converts later....

More power, less roadkill: How one professor’s landscape has shifted

I took Environmental Studies 101 during my first college semester 20 years ago with Dick Andrus, a professor who has just marked 36 years of …

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