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Why reproductive rights in the U.S. are a lot like your high school ex

Is your state more of a Tracy Flick or a Jordan Catalano?

Mo' money, mo' transit

Your commute says a lot about your salary

A new study finds that New York neighborhoods with lousy access to public transit are black holes for employment.

New Year's Eve

Grist horoscopes will tell you how to survive 2015

Or not. Sorry, Virgos.


This Mark Bittman cooking video will give you an easy goal to shoot for in the new year

A gentle suggestion: Maybe you should learn how to cook in 2015.

almond oy

In the battle of almonds vs. salmon, everyone is a loser

A state law in California requires that in dry times, surfacewater be diverted to save salmon habitats. Almond farmers are not really into that.


6 things to laugh about from 2014, a real trash can of a year

These are the six best laugh-worthy moments that came out of some remarkably terrible news for the environment.


Love and long-distance travel in the time of climate change

It's very strange to be in a position where you weigh spending the holidays with people you love against the climate crisis.


Watching kids react to DIY gifts is hilarious

Find out how unsuspecting children really feel about more heartfelt, useful presents.


How to make latkes for Hanukkah, the most energy-efficient holiday of all

We explain how the story of Hanukkah is an analogy for a new age of energy efficiency -- and how to celebrate by frying up some seasonal vegetables!