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IUD, But You Do You

Worried about your reproductive rights? Here’s what to do.

The election results have put a lot of women into panic -- reasonably so. But here are some steps to take.

Can We Not Fucking Do This

Are “I Voted” stickers bad for the planet?

Point, counterpoint, point.


Is Iceland over?

The planet's hippest vacay destination may have crested the cusp of desirability. We present the evidence.


What if you could understand climate models better by eating them?

Experimental philosopher and artist Jonathon Keats thinks "anthropocenic sorbets" could be the key to understanding climate change.

A theory

Are all these pro-climate celebrities being held hostage?

If anyone's seen Ben Affleck lately, let us know.

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What did you miss while avoiding any and all news?

Treat yourself. Here's a bunch of non-news reading for your weekend.

Debate Watch

It’s 2016, and we’re arguing about the constitutional validity of Roe v. Wade.

What did the presidential candidates say about a woman's constitutional right to abortion in their third debate?

Vegan Schmegan

Can a lifelong meat-lover go vegan and not go crazy? We’re gonna find out!

We're kicking off a 30-day experiment in veganism -- follow along!

roe v. wake up, sheeple

When it comes to abortion, trust that women know what they want.

A new study gives us evidence that women who choose to get abortions are actually quite certain in their decision.