Eve Andrews

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Meat Machines

We ate that meatless burger — and yes, it is actually quite good.

Impossible Foods just held the San Francisco launch of its much-hyped Impossible Burger.

Cart attack

Just how bad is online shopping? There’s a lot to unpack

The impact of your online purchase depends on things like shipping options and community density.

No Baby

Happy World Contraception Day! Is your birth control working for you?

There are now five different forms of IUD on the market. Options are nice!

Internationally Speaking

There was another brutal attack on an indigenous environmental activist.

Máxima Acuña, winner of the 2016 Goldman Environmental Prize, was assaulted on her property in Peru this weekend.

But Is It Art?

Can climate change be beautiful? In virtual reality, sure.

Tamiko Thiel's "Gardens of the Anthropocene" portrays a world that children might love -- but they'd find it pretty hard to live in.

Yinz Get Aht

How is Pittsburgh observing Self-Driving Uber Media Day?

The national media is pretty hype on the colossally unprofitable startup's rollout of its self-driving cars.

Meteorologists Gone Wild

Meet SLOSH, NOAA’s most self-aware acronym yet.

We're dealing with some serious subject matter, but let's talk about that name for a second.

You Can't Win

Your massive tote bag collection is ruining the planet too, pal.

You've probably collected so many reusable bags that they're as disposable as their plastic counterparts.

Men Again

Turns out “toxic masculinity” isn’t just a threat to your dating life, but also the planet.

A new study found that eco-friendliness tends to connote femininity, which everyone knows makes you weak!