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John Oliver explains what’s going on with abortion legislation

This new segment from John Oliver explains why Texas abortion clinic regulations are actually really, really bad for women's health.

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Pope shifts, Scalia dies, and GOP continues assault on abortions

It’s been a crazy week -- ALMOST as crazy as our favorite conspiracy theories.

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Beyoncé’s “Formation” has us — and everyone, hopefully — thinking about justice

We cede the floor to women of color around the internet who have written smart, beautiful things about a very important song.

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Which is worse for women, alcohol or patronizing health advice?

Sadly, the new CDC recommendations aren't even the most frustrating piece of reproductive health news this week.

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It’s been a crazy week for fights over abortion and sandwiches

One of the most infuriating things a man can say to a woman is “make me a sandwich.” I mean, what even is a sandwich?


We can’t ignore the ugly fact of forced sterilizations in the U.S.

We talked with the filmmaker behind "No Más Bebés," a documentary on the forced sterilization of Latina women at a California hospital in the 1970s.

43 years young

Happy birthday, Roe v. Wade! You’re in good company

"What’s my age again?” asks Roe v. Wade. 43. You’re 43 today.

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Martha Stewart’s tweets are perfection. Let them help you through a week of reproductive health news

Martha is an exemplar of never backing down — and this should serve as inspiration for anyone fighting the good fight.

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It’s a weird time to be an American woman — so let’s read some great writing by them

When you’re all alone with your own personal stash of internalized inadequacies, it’s nice to remember that you’re in good company.