Eve Andrews

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Training Pays Off

Does anything good come out of the Olympics?

The Olympics bring their host cities new stadiums, trains, and glistening abs — but which of those benefit them in the long run?

Men Again

Who said it: Donald Trump or Jonathan Franzen?

Trump and Franzen both love birds -- and hearing themselves talk.


If you care about climate change, why aren’t you voting?

Well, Americans are bad at voting in general. Watch our video to find out why that’s a problem.

Walk It Out

The key to fighting climate change and mortality? Walkable cities

Watch how to make your city better for humans — not cars -- to get around.

Houston, We Have A Problem

Even with the Supreme Court ruling on abortion clinics, there’s still a big mess in Texas

Everything IS bigger, including the affronts to women’s health.


The American diet is an exercise in extremes. How can we find the middle ground?

We talked to Sophie Egan about how the secret to changing the way we eat might require changing the way we work.


We’re facing down drug-resistant infections. What happens next?

The UTI of your worst nightmares could become reality, thanks to Big Farm and Big Pharma. Something’s gotta give.


The Clean Power Plan is kind of like a Swiffer for our national energy

Watch us explain the Clean Power Plan with the help of a Swiffer, an oily pelican, and a dead president.

Shots and Chasers

Here’s what to pair with news from Oklahoma, South Carolina, and SCOTUS this week

As Drake would say: Take a shot for me.