Frank Ackerman

Frank Ackerman is a senior economist at Synapse Energy Economics, a research and consulting firm in Cambridge, Mass. He is also a founding member of Economics for Equity and the Environment.

Not-so-smart ALEC: How the lobbying group uses bad data to fight clean energy

The American Legislative Exchange Council argues against state renewable-energy requirements using flawed studies that vastly overestimate the cost of wind energy.

arrows missing target

Breakthrough Institute gets it wrong on climate economics — again

The Breakthrough Institute is missing the point: Carbon pricing can't do the whole job alone, but that doesn't mean we should dismiss it outright.

Coal ash regulation would create 28,000 jobs

The pro-pollution lobby loves to argue that environmental regulations destroy jobs. A report on coal ash regulation shows the opposite is true.

What’s the real cost of not investing in clean energy?

Politicians have not invested in the insurance policy against climate change that we need.

Think energy efficiency isn’t working? Think again

Imagine a press release with this message: We’re not using more household energy than we used to — and the latest data won’t be available until next year. If you read that, I’m guessing you would join me in yawning …

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Popular climate econ model needs major overhaul

Pay attention to the signs.Photo: WCN 24/7True or false: Risks of a climate catastrophe can be ignored, even as temperatures rise? The economic impact of climate change is no greater than the increased cost of air conditioning in a warmer …

Global warming exacerbates global thirstiness

Climate change and the Southwest water crisis: making a bad situation worse

Drought denial’s tougher to pull off than climate denial.Photo: Luke RobinsonWhere and how will climate change first affect large numbers of American voters? Answering that question may be crucial to the global efforts to protect the Earth’s climate. The tsunami …

Climate defeats come from D.C., not Copenhagen and Cancun

The climate war isn't over, but those who are fighting to cut emissions haven't won lately. The latest defeat, however, did not occur at in Cancun. Rather, it took place in Washington, D.C.

Opponents of California's AB 32 rail against a law that doesn’t exist

Supporters of Prop 23 in California are citing bogus research when they criticize California's climate law, AB 32.