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clean-eyed monster

New Clean Air rule to tame the coal plant monster

Cross-posted from the Wonk Room. Today, the Obama administration proposed a sweeping plan to reduce power plant emissions that cross state lines and kill tens …

Power Poisons

How utilities plan to continue evading toxic air pollution controls

Cross-posted from the Wonk Room. As federal authorities struggle to deal with the BP oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico, it is probably useful …

Lisa Murkowski’s bid to become a climate outlaw

Cross-posted from Wonk Room. Why is Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska) behaving like an outlaw? It’s jarring to learn that Sen. Murkowski wants to take away …

Hawthorn Group claims it's an innocent victim -- oh, really!?

Forgery Farce

One of the more macabre aspects of the still-evolving scandal involving the forged letters to Congress on the climate legislation was the disavowal of all …

Senate Spoil Sports

Most of the news coverage in recent days, understandably has focused on the Markey climate hearings and speculation about when his subcommittee will actually start …

Paterson's polluted plan

New York governor goes in the tank for industry, backs away from climate plan

It's a shocking reversal from one of the states that pioneered efforts to deal with global warming from electric power plants. The New York Times reveals that New York state's accidental Gov. David A. Paterson has caved in to energy industry demands and now appears ready to run roughshod over his own experts to give industry free carbon emission permits.

Inaugural diesel stimulus

Will Congress get a whiff and vote to clean up dirty diesel engines?

The Washington Post has an interesting note about the armada of diesel buses that have rolled into the nation's capital for the Obama inauguration -- and the need to clean them up. The opportunity for the "policy change" described in the piece could be at hand as soon as the day after the inauguration, Wednesday, Jan. 21, when the House Appropriations Committee takes up the economic recovery bill. The committee already recognized the desire to include the cleanup of existing diesel engines as part of the stimulus bill. See the bottom of page 4 of the House plan [PDF], which includes $300 million for a diesel green jobs program.

Dingell damage control

More on the battle with Henry Waxman over the House Energy and Commerce committee

With a secret-ballot vote by Democrats in the House of Representatives likely next week, Washington, D.C. continues to buzz over the effort by Rep. Henry …

Waxman v. Dingell

Why polluter lobbyists are rallying to protect ‘Tailpipe Johnny’

While the Obama transition team starts assembling the pieces of his administration, one of D.C.’s most intriguing subplots is unfolding: the contest between Reps. Henry …