Franke James

Franke James is an artist and storyteller who merges science and personal activism to engage people, on the streets and online. In her latest book, Banned on the Hill, Franke tells how she first discovered she was being censored by the Canadian government for making art about dirty oil and climate change — and how she fought back using creativity, crowd-funding, and investigative digging. In 2013, Franke took her art to the streets of Ottawa, Halifax, Calgary, and Washington, D.C.

What can “anybody” tell Obama about Keystone XL?

Obama said he was willing to work with "anybody" to combat climate change. Artist Franke James takes the challenge.

Climate Denier

Quiz: How many climate deniers could you fight off?

If climate-change skeptics came at you with slime, mud, and threatening letters, how many could you beat up? Take our quiz to find out.

Care about the forest? Here’s what you can do

Who cares about the forest? That’s the question author/artist Franke James explores in this creative personal story commissioned by the Forest Stewardship Council of Canada. Check out the visual essay below, or watch it as an animated video.

What can one person do, when 6.8 billion are frying the planet?

Climate change got you down? Don't despair. Here's a visual exploration of what you can do to make a difference, featuring art, video, and dinosaurs.