Geoffrey Lean

Geoffrey Lean, Contributing Editor (Environment) at London's Daily Telegraph, has been covering the field for almost 40 years and has won many national and international awards for his work.

A happy ending after all?

Suddenly, a few reasons to be optimistic about Copenhagen

Suddenly, unexpectedly, there is a ray of hope in the air, hope that a significant global climate deal may yet be struck at December’s talks …

Letter from Europe

Japan election a shot in the arm for climate talks

The change in governments in Japan could make Yvo de Boer’s job of shepherding a new climate deal easier.World Economic Forum via Flickr“If we continue …

Letter from Europe

Bordering on Chaos: Climate change melts lines drawn in ice

As climate change melts the world’s glaciers, some nations must redefine their national borders. Above, the Basodino Glacier near the Swiss-Italian border.Via Wikimedia Commons Something …

Letter from Europe

Britain’s Labour government places big bet on low-carbon future

The Science Museum is one of London’s best-loved landmarks, largely because generations of children have been taken there by their parents to play with its …

Letter from Europe

Despite Ban Ki-Moon’s complaint, G8 summit produced climate progress

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon (right) greets Germany’s Angela Merkel and France’s Nicolas Sarkozy at the G8 summit in L’Aquila, Italy.UN Photo/Mark GartenUnlike some of his predecessors, …

Letter from Europe

Britain’s battered leader is set on saving the world

At home he is almost universally seen as a politician running out of time, but Prime Minister Gordon Brown continues to stride onto the international …

Letter from Europe

With a melting Greenland as a backdrop, Danish minister urges climate action

The Sermeq Kujalleq glacier (also known as the Jakobshavn Glacier) near where it flows into the sea in western Greeland. The photo was taken in …

Letter from Europe

Britain coughs up a coal-powered climate policy

“Give me coal,” Ernest Bevin, Britain’s immediate post-war foreign secretary told the nation’s miners 53 years ago, “and I’ll give you a foreign policy.” UK …

Letter from Europe

Raining on the climate parade

At the Bonn climate talks, environmental groups showed their displeasure with Japan’s proposed carbon emissions cuts by comparing Prime Minister Aso with former U.S. president …

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