Glenn Hurowitz

Glenn Hurowitz is a senior fellow at the Center for International Policy.


Has Obama lost environmental voters?

Al Gore's critique of Obama's failure to act on the climate crisis is further evidence of environmentalists' frustration with this administration.


Memo to the White House: Closing coal plants is a good thing

Rather than running away from the closure of a coal plant, the White House should be throwing a big party every time a coal plant closes.

In Texas, audience boos Obama mention of border wall

During his major immigration speech this week in El Paso, Texas, President Obama mentioned the 640 mile long U.S.-Mexico border wall that has scarredthe Southwestern landscape and prevented migration of endangered species like jaguars, ocelots, and Sonoran pronghorn antelope. The …

In Texas, Obama faces test on border-wall promise

President Obama speaks today about immigration in El Paso, Texas, along the U.S. border with Mexico. Although the subject is immigration, the backdrop will be purely environmental: the 640 mile long border wall with Mexico. The wall has done nothing …

Industrial Agriculture

Girl Scouts censor Facebook criticism of palm oil in cookies

Critter-killing cookies?Photo: Laura TaylorLooking for a lesson of how not to respond to green consumer demand in the internet age? Check out Girl Scouts USA. The Scouts’ CEO Kathy Cloninger has for several years rebuffed polite requests from individual scouts, …


Now that we’ve killed Osama bin Laden, let’s kill oil

The U.S. military’s killing of Osama bin Laden is a huge victory in the war against terror and on behalf of a safer, freer world. But if this is to be the beginning of the end for al Qaeda and …

Climate Policy

Obama meets with young climate activists after they stand up to him

President Obama meets with Energy Action Coalition leaders in the White House. Photo: The White HouseYouth climate leaders in town for the Power Shift conference got some powerful evidence that their public frustration with President Obama is getting noticed in …


Obama as Snuffleupagus: Expect our imaginary friend to skip out on Power Shift again

Obama chooses basketball over climate activists.Photo: The White HouseOn the eve of the Power Shift 2011 climate youth conference, no one expects President Obama to show. If he did, he’d probably get booed by activists angry about his tightening embrace …

Endangered wolves sacrificed for budget deal

Although Majority Leader Harry Reid and President Barack Obama stood firm against Republican attempts to repeal clean air and clean water protections, wolves (such as the famous Limpy) in the Northern Rockies weren’t so lucky. Under pressure from ranching interests …