Glenn Hurowitz

Glenn Hurowitz is a senior fellow at the Center for International Policy.

Top five forest stories of 2010

In the context of an overall bleak 2010 for the planet, forests offer a bright point for some celebration.

Bolivia, the Saudi Arabia of obstruction

Bolivia and a small bloc of ultra-leftist allies are obstructing progress on a climate agreement in Cancun, objecting to a market-based forest program.

Forests poised for major progress in Cancun — if Hugo Chavez and U.S. don't get in the way

The Cancun climate summit may be turning into a surprising opportunity for progress towards saving the world’s forests and other ecosystems.

Richard Goldman, founder of the Goldman Prize, dies at age 90

The planet lost a great and generous hero on Monday when philanthropist Richard N. Goldman died at the age of 90.

Coal drives 2009 global carbon emissions higher than expected

Increased coal use in the developing world, particularly China and India, boosted global greenhouse gas emissions to the 2nd highest level on record.

White House approves solar for roof and California desert

Facing criticism over its environmental record, the Obama administration announced it will reinstall solar panels on the White House -- and approved California solar projects.

Is environmentalism progressive?

Rather than building up a progressive movement and progressive America, President Barack Obama has demoralized his friends and emboldened his enemies.

Obama: We may need to solve climate change in 'chunks'

Obama told Rolling Stone we may have to solve climate change in chunks. Done with resolve, this has the potential to surpass a comprehensive climate bill

Environmentalists need a new president

I initially thought Bill McKibben's drive to return solar panels to the White House was essentially a waste of time: of all the things to ask the president, it seemed like the smallest, most insignificant, and easiest. I realize now …