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Greg Hanscom

Underwater cities

Greg Hanscom is a senior editor at Grist. He tweets about cities, bikes, transportation, policy, and sustainability at @ghanscom.


A bill of goods: With their latest transportation bill, GOP sides with the suburbs

House Republicans rolled out a proposal for a new transportation bill on Tuesday, and if you believe what they say, the future looks a whole lot like the past. But bike boosters, pedestrian advocates, and environmentalists won’t go backwards without a fight.

Election 2012

Rocky’s road: One of the country’s greenest mayors guns for the White House

Rocky Anderson is running for president, and the third item on his to-do list (after getting the money out of politics and pulling the United States out of foreign wars) is fighting climate change. How cool is that?


This old house: Why fixing up old homes is greener than building new ones

A new study finds that retrofitting old buildings is almost always more eco-friendly than building new ones, and provides the most immediate bang for the buck in the fight against climate change. The implication: Save old cities and we might spare the planet as well.

Green Cars

Shocking but true! The director of ‘Revenge of the Electric Car’ wants to chat with you!

Chris Paine, director of the documentaries "Who Killed the Electric Car?" and "Revenge of the Electric Car," chatted with Grist readers.


Seeing red: Where do the GOP candidates stand on urban issues?

For decades, the Republican strategy on cities has been to ignore them and hope they go away. This year appears to be no different, but the guys currently taking pot shots at each other in the presidential primary never cease to surprise.

Election 2012

Up with people: What is Obama doing about our cities’ chronic problems?

Puffy ideas from the creative class are not going to solve urban America’s stickiest problems of subpar education, poverty, and mass imprisonment. To do that, we’ll need hard-nosed solutions and strong leadership from the top. How is the president doing?


President Obama and the forgotten urban agenda

Obama came to the White House promising new energy and resources for American cities. Has he lived up to that promise? And anyway, who’s paying attention?


Water cyclists: An epic ride to raise awareness of a scarce resource

A year and a half ago, two Dutchmen set out by bike to spread the word about the global water crisis. Fourteen thousand miles later, they say the real work still lies ahead -- but first, they'd like to kick it with beers and a couple of nice girls.


Mexico City’s move: Take this dump and close it!

One of the world's largest dumps won't be belching greenhouse gases any more, thanks to Mexico City's closing of the vast Bordo Poniente Landfill.