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Greg Hanscom

Underwater cities

Greg Hanscom is a senior editor at Grist. He tweets about cities, bikes, transportation, policy, and sustainability at @ghanscom.

Business & Technology

7 tips for sharing your car without going broke

Rent your car out when you’re not using it -- sounds like easy money, right? It’s not.


Vikings have the most fun: U.N. says Danes are the happiest people on the planet

What's the secret to the Dane's sunny disposition? Our man on the streets finds out.


Bird’s-eye view: Why crows thrive in the urban jungle

With biodiversity on the wane, crows' prospects are inextricably linked with ours. Find out why in this video.

Climate & Energy

We’re already sick of climate change — and getting sicker

Reporter Linda Marsa investigated the impact of global warming on our health. Cover your mouth: What she found is terrifying.


Riding lessons for U.S. cities from one of Europe’s bike capitals

The key to convincing Americans to swap out the car for a bike? Make bicycling boring -- and ensure that they won’t end up as road pizza.


Spin cycle: Copenhagen’s rise, fall, and rise again to cycling supremacy

More than a third of Copenhageners bike to school or work, but it hasn't always been that way -- and city officials say that's not nearly enough.


An American in Denmark: Close encounters with European bicycle culture

In Copenhagen, bikes are as common as vacuum cleaners -- and the people who ride them are bloody amazing.


Welcome to the urban jungle: Nature in cities is Grist’s July theme

This month, look at how nature gets into our cities and under our skin, even where we least expect it.


“Catastrophic failure”: Adventures in car sharing, part 2

Turns out that, as a business proposition, the sharing economy can be a pretty risky one.

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