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Greg Hanscom

Underwater cities

Greg Hanscom is a senior editor at Grist. He tweets about cities, bikes, transportation, policy, and sustainability at @ghanscom.

Climate & Energy

New Matt Damon fracking flick is worthy, but lacks sound and fury

"Promised Land," the eco-drama about natural gas drilling in small town America, is noteworthy as a cautionary tale, yet still a bit of a snooze.


2012: The year cities stood up to climate change — and took a beating

While national and international leaders fiddled, cities got serious about the climate crisis. Then superstorm Sandy showed us how much is at stake -- and how far we still have to go.


Thanks for nothing: A post-holiday report from Grist’s Grinch

Our maverick dad set out to create a magical holiday for his family without buying them presents. Santa proved unstoppable, but he still claims victory.

Going, going, gonzo: A famously twisted mind tackles the extinction crisis with a wicked pen

Ralph Steadman, the illustrator who collaborated with gonzo journalist Hunter S. Thompson, has a new book out about vanished species, both real and imagined.


The new holiday mantra: More fun, less stuff

This year, go easy on the wallet and light on the land by writing your own rules for the holidays. Just don't lose the magic in the process.


A million and one ways (at least!) to simplify the holidays

We asked Grist readers for suggestions for how to rock the holidays without partaking of the shopping madness and materialism. Boy, did you deliver.


Married father of two seeks Best Christmas Ever. No presents allowed.

In which our hapless hero does his best to get himself out of the hole he dug when he asked, in front of all the world, that friends and family give his kids nothing for Christmas.


After a term of hanging around the hoops, Obama could slam dunk for cities

The president spent his first four years lining up a promising urban policy agenda. Now it’s time for a full-court press for smart growth.


Please get my kids nothing for Christmas

This holiday season, think of the children! And please, please don’t give mine any more stuff.

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