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Grain and Bear It

New policies emerging in China could bode well for that poster child of protection efforts, the panda. In an article published last week in the journal Science, scientists from the World Wildlife Fund and Beijing University praised China’s National Forest Conservation Program and its “Grain-to-Green” policy as likely to preserve habitat crucial to panda survival. The conservation program, which is designed to protect against flooding, will increase forest cover in river basins over the course of 11 years, thereby protecting all of the remaining forests in the panda’s range. The Grain-to-Green policy will restore hillside agriculture land to forest or …

The Throng Song

Throngs of environmental activists are protesting a shipment of nuclear waste making its way by train from France to Germany, and at least 100 have been detained by the police. The six containers of radioactive waste originated at a reprocessing plant in La Hague, in northern France, and will be stored in Gorleben, Germany, 375 miles away. At least 5,000 protesters are staging actions along the length of the route, and between 15,000 and 20,000 German police have been deployed to protect the train. Greenpeace’s Frederic Marillier said the shipment “represents a scandalous risk for the populations along the route.”

An Anti-Globalization Movement by Any Other Name

  Your letters on how environmentalism will regroup in the wake of Sept. 11 made it clear that the movement is still alive and kicking. And other letters — on hybrid vehicles, eco-agriculture, globalization — show that Grist readers, at least, are still thinking about the whole environmental picture.   Re: Visualize Whirled Peace Dear Editor: I want to quietly protest the use of the phrase anti-globalization amidst Grist‘s otherwise admirable production of environmental news. Along with many others in the grassroots globalization movement, we at Grassroots Globalization Network refuse to use Wall Street’s term anti-globalization to describe ourselves and …

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