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Look, we spend a lot of time reading the internet — here’s the best stuff of the week.

From Facebook to feedlots, we’ve got some stellar reading recs.

Good Things

The mannequin challenge may be in its twilight, but public transit has our hearts forever.

Atlanta's metro authority filmed a mannequin challenge. It's delightful.

Time to wake up

This senator has given 150 pleas for climate action. Now, he has a few words for Trump.

"I encourage President-elect Trump to listen to these voices of reason and expertise, not to the Swamp Things."

Here’s what Standing Rock looked like on Thanksgiving.

Watch on-the-scene footage of water protectors.

So now what? Leaders from the Grist 50 on hope and progress in the Trump era

Business leaders, activists, and more talk next steps.

Watch Bill Nye explain why he has hope post-election.

"We can do this. It’s in everybody’s best interest."

Avoidance Can Be OK

Here’s what to watch while you’re hiding from your family.

These are our picks your holiday-time escapism -- and how to stream them.

we need to talk

This weekend, you might be buying some things. Here’s how to do it.

Or maybe just go for a walk instead! Free idea.


What to expect when you’re expecting a Trump-run EPA?

Watch our video on what the EPA will look like come Jan. 20.