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Why it’s easy to forget about the climate, even for David Roberts

Here are David Roberts' thoughts on the state of the climate, negative news, and his beard.

Why push notifications make you dumber, and more wisdom from David Roberts

Here is David Roberts' take on digital addiction, bad habits, and why you're better off staring out the window than staring at your phone.

Big and boisterous

Check out these great photos of the NYC climate march

This is what it looks like when several hundred thousand people take to the streets for climate change.

Here's what history looks like

This video shows just how awesomely huge the People’s Climate March was

Damn, that was big! The march in New York City on Sunday brought out record crowds.

Solutions Exist!

Even the U.N. building is getting into the spirit

Spotted in NYC: a message of hope on the U.N. headquarters building, ahead of Sunday's People's Climate March and Tuesday's U.N. Climate Summit.

Mercy mercy me

Here’s your anthem for the People’s Climate March

Antonique Smith has covered Marvin Gaye's classic "Mercy Mercy Me," and it's more apt than ever in our climate-changed times.

Climate & Energy

Grist is taking a deep dive on oceans

Take a deep breath, we are going under the surface of some ocean issues for the next few weeks.


Grist is looking for the spring 2015 class of fellows

Are you an early-career journalist, storyteller, or multimedia wizard who digs what we do? Then Grist wants you!

Climate & Energy

David Roberts’ top 10 greatest hits

Grist's climate and energy blogger is returning from a year-long sabbatical. Perfect time to revisit his top 10 posts.