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Make Me Care: What’s so great about tiny houses, anyway?

Make Me Care is a new vlog from Grist in which we try to get our writers to explain why their topic du jour is worth paying attention to.

Take that!

Supreme Court slaps down Big Coal

The ruling is a big win for the Obama administration, allowing it crack down on power plant pollution that blows across state borders.

Fruit of the Gloom

Mark Ruffalo, you are our chosen green celeb! (We hope you like fruit)

The people have spoken, and one lucky man in Hollywood will be the happy recipient of a fruit basket.

Climate & Energy

“Years of Living Dangerously” host on the climate change stories we need to tell

M. Sanjayan, a host of Showtime's new series on climate change, talks about almost dying on set, telling the stories behind science, and the new face of global warming.


No Bunk: Wendell Pierce is the greenest celeb in the game

The Wire actor opened a grocery store in a New Orleans food desert -- but that's not the only reason why he deserves your vote as the best green celeb.


Olivia Munn wants you to save elephants (and the planet) — send her mangoes

It takes an above-average green geek to be as pretty, poised, and pants-less as Olivia Munn. Vote here to send her a fruit basket.

Please give Don Cheadle a fruit basket for being a badass green celeb

Stars, they're just like us: Here's why you should vote for Don Cheadle as your favorite green celeb.

Green, Grenier, Greeniest?

Calling on Adrian Grenier’s entourage: Tell Grist that he’s the greenest of them all

Green eyes, greener heart: Entourage's Adrian Grenier is the most committed eco-celeb of his generation -- and he deserves a big basket of fruit for it.

Oscar, schmoscar … Jared Leto deserves a fruit basket

Jared Leto is committed to all things planetary. Vote for the anti-KXL actor now!

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