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Get the Lead Out

EPA chief says her agency “has a lot to prove” on environmental justice.

The Environmental Protection Agency hasn’t always done right by communities of color.

Better last debate than never

Trump and Clinton have one more shot to address the biggest issue of our time.

Will climate change get any attention at the last presidential debate on Wednesday night?

jill who? gary what?

John Oliver just skewered ALL the presidential candidates.

The Last Week Tonight host points out the issues with Jill Stein's and Gary Johnson's proposals.

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This week wore us out, too — here’s what we’re reading to get away from it.

Got election season anxiety? Our weekly reading recs will help you decompress.

bone heads

Our newest American hero is the only person who’s asked about energy policy in the debates.

We don’t eat the meat, but we sure like the Ken Bone.

Learning Things

Every week, we tell you to read! This week is different.

Our favorite multimedia features from this week.

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There’s so much you don’t know out there!

We've sorted some gems from the rubbish-heap of the internet for you.

Live Tweet Or Die

Twitter fell for a hoax that Trump’s camp deleted his Chinese hoax tweet.

It's all very hard to follow.

coy pond

You don’t get Leonardo DiCaprio by being this thirsty, people.

It's called "playing hard to get," and you are all terrible at it.