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No Bunk: Wendell Pierce is the greenest celeb in the game

The Wire actor opened a grocery store in a New Orleans food desert -- but that's not the only reason why he deserves your vote as the best green celeb.


Olivia Munn wants you to save elephants (and the planet) — send her mangoes

It takes an above-average green geek to be as pretty, poised, and pants-less as Olivia Munn. Vote here to send her a fruit basket.

Please give Don Cheadle a fruit basket for being a badass green celeb

Stars, they're just like us: Here's why you should vote for Don Cheadle as your favorite green celeb.

Oscar, schmoscar … Jared Leto deserves a fruit basket

Jared Leto is committed to all things planetary. Vote for the anti-KXL actor now!

Green, Grenier, Greeniest?

Calling on Adrian Grenier’s entourage: Tell Grist that he’s the greenest of them all

Green eyes, greener heart: Entourage's Adrian Grenier is the most committed eco-celeb of his generation -- and he deserves a big basket of fruit for it.

We love it when he's angry

Mark Ruffalo Hulk-smashes fracking — so give him a fruit basket!

You'll like it when he's angry -- about fracking. Vote to show your appreciation for Mark Ruffalo.

Gisele Bundchen is a model green citizen, and she deserves fruit for it

Supermodel Gisele Bunden makes time to fight food waste and support renewable energy. Won't you take a minute to vote for her?

Star Fruit

Which green celeb should win our super-delicious fruit basket?

Only one famous eco-celeb can walk away with a sumptuous, Grist-approved bounty of organic apples, bananas, and possibly even a kiwi. Vote now!

Climate & Energy

Washington Gov. Jay Inslee talks climate solutions

Watch a replay of Inslee's chat with Grist's David Roberts, Climate Desk's Chris Mooney, and others.

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