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This beautiful video of plankton eating plastic is also a little disturbing

Plastic really is everywhere.

Phresh Beets

Here’s the vegan hip-hop playlist you never knew you needed

Many hip-hop artists have gone vegan. We put together a playlist for all your vegan hip-hop needs.

on the farm

Country rocker Hiss Golden Messenger performs a slow-burning ballad

Watch frontman M.C. Taylor perform a heartfelt acoustic rendition of "Mahogany Dread” at last year's Pickathon.


What do weed and chicken farmers have in common? Willie Nelson

The country music legend describes the plight of the American chicken farmer in an op-ed for the Washington Post.

Business & Technology

Driverless electric taxis could be huge for the planet. Here, let these Legos explain

A smart driverless electric taxi system isn't just a string of buzzwords -- it could actually come with huge savings for the environment.


Why crushing bees into soup could actually help them

By studying the bees' DNA, scientists can better understand what's killing and saving them.


There’s still time to apply for Grist’s justice fellowship!

Want to cover the justice-for-all beat and get paid? Apply for a Grist fellowship.

Climate & Energy

France is swimming in fondue — that’s not a good thing

Think of the cheese! Think of the chocolate!

The little cacti that could

Move over corn. Cacti can power cars, too

Cacti and other plants that thrive in arid landscapes could be the future of biofuels, according to new research.