Hal Brill

Hal Brill is a cofounder of Natural Investment Services and financial consultants who has specialized exclusively in values-based investing for more than 10 years. He and Jack Brill are coauthors, with Cliff Feigenbaum, of Investing with Your Values.

A How-to Guide to Guilt-Free Moola

Hal Brill, Jack A. Brill, and Cliff Feigenbaum on their new book Investing Your Values

Turn on any financial talk show and you will be deluged with advice about how to make more money. You'll learn which kind of IRA is best for you, and hear arguments rage about the pros and cons of no-load mutual funds. This is useful information, but it doesn't go far enough. Given the central, powerful role of money and business in both our society and our personal lives, it is astonishing that so little attention is given to the social, ethical, and spiritual dimensions of money. Even the most caring commentators seem oblivious to the enormous impact our financial decisions have on communities, the earth, and our own peace of mind. We've ignored the fact that our money carries our voice to the world.