Hannah McCrea

Hannah McCrea is online communications director at the Constitutional Accountability Center (CAC). She writes at the blog Warming Law.

Attractive Nuisance

Can federal courts help tackle global warming?

If Congress and the president fail to tackle global warming, can courts step in? Can federal judges allow people struggling with the losses of global warming to sue polluters directly? The idea may at first …

The Good News for 2010

Climate success in 2009 should inspire the new year

Co-written by Doug Kendall, founder and president of the Constitutional Accountability Center. For good reason, many climate activists view 2009 as a disappointing year, filled with bad news coverage and missed opportunities. The Senate seems …

Climate law update

A victory for Katrina victims; a defeat for Alaskan villagers

Cross-posted from Warming Law. A federal appeals court has reversed the dismissal of a lawsuit brought by victims of Hurricane Katrina seeking damages related to global warming, while a federal district court in California has …

Why the Second Circuit ‘nuisance’ case brings good news, and bad (part II)

Cross-posted from Warming Law. In an earlier post, we explored the background, context, and historical significance of the Second Circuit decision handed down late Monday in Connecticut v. AEP, in which the court ruled that …

Why the Second Circuit “nuisance” case brings good news, and bad (part 1)

Cross-posted from Warming Law. Coverage and analysis is slowly trickling in of the landmark ruling [pdf] handed down by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit late yesterday, in which a 2-judge panel …

If you can’t say something helpful, don’t say anything at all

Cross-posted from Warming Law. The Washington Post has been editorializing in favor of congressional action to address climate change for more than a decade, but an editorial Monday makes us wonder if they mean it. …

Kennedy thanks megacorporations for their pedagogy during elections

Supreme Court justices say the darnedest things

During the widely-watched Supreme Court re-argument Wednesday morning of Citizens United v. Federal Election Coalition – a case that challenges the constitutionality of over a century of campaign finance laws restricting corporate spending during elections …

Pre-empty promises

Supreme Court decisions bode well for global warming-related preemption cases

In the tricky legal world of “preemption” — the principle that federal law “preempts,” or trumps, state law — two recent Supreme Court decisions bode well for ongoing, seemingly unrelated global warming litigation. The first …

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