Heather Hansman

Heather Hansman is a writer and editor based in Seattle.

10 ways to travel sustainably — and have a great vacation

Step one: Eat the bizarre food.

Medical, Dental, Solar

The newest benefits perk: Cheap solar power for your home

Corporate giants like 3M, Cisco, and Kimberley-Clark are removing barriers to solar power by offering it as an employee benefit.

Game Theory

When climate disaster strikes, just hit the reset button

Video games like the eerie "Mountain" can help explain climate change. But can they make us act before it's game over for real?

Stands And Deliver

Farm stands turn your backyard kale into cold, hard cash

Farm stands enable your neighbors to sell you farmers-market-quality produce with lemonade-stand convenience. But not all cities are psyched about them.

joy buzzer

Put a bee on it: Portland “bee dork” makes hives with pollinators in mind

Ever the artisanal trend-setter, Stump Town is now rolling out stylish condos for backyard bees.

The big leafy

What “kalegate” taught us about New Orleans and food

You can talk all kinds of smack about New Orleans, but whatever you do, don't get mouthy about its greens.

Wish you could fertilize crops with pee? Urine luck

The Rich Earth Institute leads the way in showing America how to "peecycle."