Heather Smith

Heather Smith

Signs of movement

Heather Smith (on Twitter, @strangerworks) is interested in the various ways that humans try to save the environment: past, present, and future.


Turns out San Francisco didn’t need a hipster private bus company

San Francisco's startup bus line goes bankrupt. Maybe $6 tickets, wood-paneled interiors, and swiveling barstools weren't a great idea, after all.


We better figure out a smarter way to take care of the world’s refugees — before the climate multiplies them

Hungary is building a wall to block refugees from entering the country. Sound familiar?


Dear architects: Stop trying to make shipping container buildings happen

They're cheap and everywhere. But the big steel boxes aren't as good a fit for human habitation as all those design competitions suggest.

Climate & Energy

Want your energy efficiency program to succeed? Aim it at poor people

A new study traces how California's energy conservation programs play out differently depending on the wealth of the recipients.


What the climate movement can learn from the war on smoking

If you want to change the culture, you have to get your message spread by "trusted advisers." Then get them to repeat themselves a lot.


So you’re living in one of FEMA’s Katrina trailers

You've used our searchable database. Maybe you've found that the home you're living in was one of FEMA's formaldehyde-laden Katrina trailers. What can you do? Many things, it turns out.


People are still living in FEMA’s toxic Katrina trailers — and they likely have no idea

Our map shows the formaldehyde-laced trailers went on an odd journey, and our reporter explains why.

Climate & Energy

How to make people care about climate change? Tell it one story at a time

Organizer Christine Cordero explains how storytelling can supercharge your activism.

Give 'em enough sensors

This could be a huge move for air-pollution monitoring

A new company collaborates with Google to try to deliver air quality data at a new level of pinpoint detail.