Heather Smith

Heather Smith

Signs of movement

Heather Smith (on Twitter, @strangerworks) is interested in the various ways that humans try to save the environment: past, present, and future.


Can the Motor City sell America on the Model T of bicycles?

Detroit Bikes aims to mass-produce simple, light, relatively affordable commuter bicycles -- but you'd better be happy with black.


As residents leave this Detroit street, it sprouts art

The Heidelberg Project is art made of abandoned houses. It has attracted a steady stream of pilgrims -- and now, it seems, arsonists as well.


In Detroit’s water wars, a pause that refreshes

The groups fighting water-service shutoffs in Detroit take a victory lap, though what they have won so far is highly provisional.


A century ago, Detroit’s “potato patch mayor” knew how to ride out hard times

How can a city's distant past guide our search for solutions to today's problems? A statue offers some clues.

Climate & Energy

In Michigan, the drilling wars are infesting the Twitter stream

If you're looking for signs of how much is at stake in the fight over drilling and fracking in the Great Lakes region, just check your feed.


Letter from Detroit: And now for a completely different kind of Canadian pipeline

A convoy of tap water gets sent across the northern border as a gesture of solidarity with H2O-strapped Detroit residents.

American idyll

North Dakota’s ag commissioner race oughta be on Broadway

An incumbent drowning in oil money. A challenger from an organic ranch. Sexual harassment. And tons of permits at stake. This farm race begs to be set to music.

Climate & Energy

Drilling in Pennsylvania has damaged the water supply 209 times in last seven years

"Only 209 measly little times!" says the oil and gas industry. "Wait, what?" say water-drinking people everywhere.

Climate & Energy

In Pennsylvania, Dr. Frack will see you now

To gather data on how gas drilling might affect residents' health, a group is starting by offering them some medical advice.

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