Heather Smith

Heather Smith

Signs of movement

Heather Smith (on Twitter, @strangerworks) is interested in the various ways that humans try to save the environment: past, present, and future.

From pretentious punk to policy wonk: Help us celebrate growing up

At 15, Heather Smith was angst-filled and cynical. These days, instead of wishing she was never born, she writes for Grist. Will you support our work with a gift of $15?

Horseback to the future

The Cowboys and Indians pipeline protest was a throwback — in more ways than one

The carefully designed anti-Keystone demonstration in D.C. put a dramatic face on the movement.

Climate & Energy

One frack mind: How a determined New Yorker won the green Nobel

Helen Slottje found a legal strategy for upstate New York towns to block fracking through zoning. Now she's ready to take it national.

Climate & Energy

Fighting city hall is easier than running it, Richmond’s green reformers find

The progressive alliance that took over local government in Richmond, Calif., has slashed the crime rate and raised taxes on Chevron. But every win has been a struggle.

Birth of indignation

How a cop’s blows turned Richmond’s Andres Soto into a climate activist

In Richmond, Calif., Chevron always pulled the strings -- till a group of progressives started fighting back. Here's how all that started.

Never mind the bollocks

Climate change got you down this Earth Day? Time for a badger mask

Hopelessness peddler Paul Kingsnorth keeps winning attention for his Dark Mountain project, but his climate fatalism looks more like midlife-crisis posturing than insight.


Making the road safe for biking’s nervous Nellies

California cities edge closer to a comprehensive plan for riders and drivers to sensibly share the streets.

Share and share a bike

Montreal, Boston, NYC: Which city has the best bikeshare program?

What's it really like for a traveler trying to obtain temporary wheels in different cities? We've kicked some tires, and here's what we found.

Climate & Energy

How to catch a coal ash spill? Send lawyers, boats, and airplanes

In North Carolina, Waterkeeper Alliance routes around a lax state regulator to collect evidence of toxic dumping.

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