Heather Smith

Heather Smith

Signs of movement

Heather Smith (on Twitter, @strangerworks) is interested in the various ways that humans try to save the environment: past, present, and future.

Climate & Energy

How to not lose your shirt when the climate goes bust

Mike Bloomberg, Tom Steyer, and Hank Paulson give the thinking businessperson a handy guide to how bad climate change is for business -- and how urgently we must act.

Climate & Energy

Climate change is the next market crash, says former Treasury secretary

If we don't act fast and act big with a carbon tax, says Henry Paulson, we'll face a crisis that will dwarf the banking collapse.

Put solar on it

Celebrate solar power at a solstice event this weekend

"Put Solar on It" events are being staged around the country on Saturday.


Buying a bike? Now you can use Twitter to find out if it’s stolen property

Bicyclists, rejoice! This new tool could arguably become the closest thing we have to a national bike registry.

Climate & Energy

Oil-train info does not need to be secret, feds say

Railroads, are you listening? Public release of details about crude-by-rail shipments does not pose a serious security risk.

Climate & Energy

The Canadian pipeline (almost) everyone hates gets a go-ahead

Canada's prime minister has approved a pipeline from the tar sands to the Pacific. Residents and First Nations in the way are unlikely to go along quietly.

Fuel disclosure

When cranky crude rides the rails, who should know?

The feds say the railroads need to inform state officials when they're shipping volatile oil. But the railroads want everyone to sign non-disclosure agreements.


Four reasons why Portland became a cyclists’ utopia

It wasn't inevitable. Here are some of the things city leaders and residents did over the years to turn their town into a haven for bike riders.


Climate change rocks a key Michigan Senate race

As conservative money takes aim at a Democratic front-runner, the climate emerges as a decisive issue for one of the races that will decide who controls the Senate.

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