Heather Smith

Heather Smith

Signs of movement

Heather Smith (on Twitter, @strangerworks) is interested in the various ways that humans try to save the environment: past, present, and future.

Climate & Energy

Is necessity the mother of climate protest?

Massachusetts coal-barge civil disobedience settlement means that the "necessity defense" for climate protest remains tantalizingly untested in court.


The insect-eating revolution will not be bro-ified

A study finds marginally more enthusiasm for eating bugs among the testosterone set. But, truly, entomophagy does not bow to gender.

Business & Technology

Nevada wins Tesla’s gigafactory sweepstakes

The Silver State gets a super-hyped electric car battery factory. Tesla gets subsidies totaling $1.25 billion.


Amtrak wait? Blame the freight

Rail is a great way to ship your stuff and yourself for a cross-country move. If only we hadn't built a system that gives slow freight the right of way.

Climate & Energy

The cynical money person’s guide to our renewable energy future

Banks looking into trends in renewable energy investment like what they see -- for reasons that have almost nothing to do with the, you know, planet.


Four reasons that ice bucket challenge went crazy viral

Everybody on the internet these days wants to create the next viral sensation. How did ALS's ubiquitous ice bucket challenge pull it off?

Climate & Energy

Energy companies in Texas are setting money on fire

How can natural gas be a "bridge fuel" if its low price means drillers would rather burn it than sell it? Here's an illustrative case.


After Ferguson, what next?

The protests may be winding down for now, but if the history of activism tells us anything, it's that this is precisely when the longer-term changes start to unfold.

Climate & Energy

One woman’s odyssey to find Michigan’s anti-fracking movement

The fight over fracking has arrived more slowly in Michigan than in states like Pennsylvania and New York. But it's heating up.

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