Heather Smith

Heather Smith (on Twitter, @strangerworks) is interested in the various ways that humans try to save the environment: past, present, and future.

cloud nein

Cloud spy cams could make solar panels work better.

Cloud-spotting spycams can make the grid run more smoothly.

sunny day real estate

Clean technology will move forward despite a Trump administration.

“The world is moving forward, with or without us.”

block party

Now you can use Google to organize your neighbors around solar.

Setting up a community solar project? Google's got you covered.

Smog check

Can California get anyone other than rich people to buy electric vehicles?

The state government is changing its EV rebate system and trying to answer that question.

Oil, shmoil

“Hey! We’re totally into clean technology now!” say major oil companies.

Seven major oil companies are joining forces to to invest in clean technologies.

O Brothers, where art thou?

Have the Koch brothers jumped the shark?

Or are they just holed up, binging on Netflix, and waiting for this whole Trump thing to be over?

self-driving brewskis

Self-driving truck uses first shipment to deliver Budweiser. Sigh.

The Otto truck transported 51,744 cans of Bud on the 125-mile trip from Fort Collins, Colorado, to Colorado Springs.

Massive Attack

Did your smart thermostat contribute to last week’s big cyberattack?

Could our energy-saving gadgets go rogue and help take out the internet?

Automatic for the people

I went and made all new Teslas autonomous, says Elon Musk. You’re welcome.

All new cars rolling off the Tesla factory line come with full self-driving hardware. Just don't expect the car to drive you anywhere yet.