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A former heroin addict started this awesome e-waste company that hires others in recovery

"We're giving computers and electronics a second chance, but what talks to my heart is giving people a second chance." AWW.

flood and gore

Al Gore talks climate, Tesla, and the Koch brothers in a new Politico interview

If you don’t feel like spending your weekend reading all 5,000 words, here are some choice bits. (In sum: Someone get Al Gore a Tesla.)

Jon Stewart continues being amazing, rips CNN for lack of climate coverage

This video involves strategically placed ping-pong balls, a hot tub, and "canine dogs." LOTS of canine dogs.

“Salute Your Shorts” made ’90s kids care about sustainability

The early-’90s show is full of wisdom like "If we don’t change the way we live, we’ll be covered in puke and rotting garbage."

The week in GIFs: Robots, chainsaws, and freak gasoline accidents

It's a messy, crazy world.

Google wants to bring you affordable solar panels (again)

The big G is teaming up with SunPower to buy solar panel systems, which the companies will lease to homeowners for cheap. Rad!

i'm not crying!

Which is sadder, factory-farmed animals or the carnivores who eat them? The Onion weighs in

The Onion nails the grossness of being carnivorous in the language of a factory farming expose.

Peep popular bike routes in this hella-detailed national map

One commenter snarked, “Nobody exercises in the Midwest.” But we’re betting that’s due to lack of bike infrastructure, not laziness.

wheely stupid

Mwahaha! Thief who stole electric bike calls owner for help recharging it

If your $4,200 electric bike gets stolen, this is pretty much the best outcome you could hope for.