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Mentoring girls through cycling will melt your dry, crusty heart

Not to get all Oprah, but cycling can help girls deal with stress, learn to challenge themselves, and see their bodies as powerful, not ornamental.

This poem about air actually gets rid of pollution

Most poems about the environment suck. “In Praise of Air” is no exception -- it sucks nitrogen oxide!

Watch this Austrian farmer’s awesome rant about milk vs. Red Bull

In case you weren’t convinced, Hons smashes a can of Red Bull and says, “NOW where are your wings?”

Here’s how and where you’re most likely to die on a bike

A new study from the League of American Bicyclists sheds some light on the most dangerous cycling conditions.

This app makes the NYC subway system come alive

Free app Tunnel Vision wants to use data to make the subway wait go by a little faster.

smells like team spirit

The sharing economy locked itself in its room again — it’s going through puberty

Once you could use Airbnb for a harmless little orgy. NOW the grownups say no. Parents just don’t understand!

chocolate vanilla swirl, swirl

The week in GIFs: Orange Is the New Black

You don't need a prison wife to appreciate the week's green news.

Non-hippies finally realize buying vintage could save the planet

It’s easy to get insulated with green-talk, so it's awesome when Normal People start taking note.

Pope Francis continues being awesome, says Christians should fight climate change

Next we’ll hear he’s doing shots of communion wine with Bill Nye.