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Here are the best positions for pooping in the woods

You never know when you’ll need to whip out The Thinker or even The Head-On Buddy Dump if you really want to bond with someone.

The week in GIFs: Benedict Cumberbatch edition

The green news is afoot!

Jon Stewart rips into factory farming while talking about the spreading pig virus

Jon Stewart on factory farming: "It’s not some pig in a giant loft playing shuffleboard and inviting over a spider that writes messages!"

Watch this soulful Johnny Cash tribute band take on coal

Now you don’t have to imagine what it’d be like if the Man in Black had been worried about air quality.

Cyclists, here’s a comprehensive list of the cars you should avoid

Josh Zisson of Bike Safe Boston's Guide to Vehicular Profiling says, “If you know what to look for, you can stay streets ahead of these bozos."

The greatest mystery of sloth pooping has been solved

Science has solved the epic, perplexing question of why sloths climb all the way to the ground to poop. It involves moth sex.

Forget Google — build your own Nest smart thermostat for $70

Here's what you'll need for a DIY version of the game-changing, Google-acquired thermostat.

Jerk hits cyclist and drives home with him stuck in the windshield (but the cyclist is OK!)

A 20-year-old smashed into a cyclist, propelling him into the windshield -- where he remained until the driver got home and went inside.

World’s most endangered big cat is also super, super adorable

Today in Cute Tiny Animals, welcome baby Sochi into your heart. He's the newest Amur leopard, a critically endangered species.