Holly Richmond

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This time-lapse nature porn is your five-minute dose of Zen

It's hard not to feel a little bit of wonder watching this video of America's most dazzling places.

Granola bars made of used beer grain reduce waste, actually sound kind of tasty

A mocha stout granola bar made with Ghirardelli Chocolate and spent beer grain? We'll drink to that.

Who wants to sit in a mushroom chair?!

You don’t have to be a caterpillar with a hookah to sit on this mycelium fungus chair, made by Dutch designer Erik Klarenbeek.

This shower saves energy by letting you wash yourself in used bathwater

There's something about taking a shower in your own runoff that's delightfully meta yet gross at the same time.

Stow your cargo in this bike’s hollow front wheel

David Hotard literally reinvented the wheel to create a bike with a car-inspired “trunk.”

The week in GIFs: Sex strikes, spiders, and smog vacuums

This week was a test of your incredulity meter.

Could this glow-in-the-dark road coating replace streetlights?

Solar road coating Starpath is anti-slip and non-reflective, so basically the only thing it can’t do is beam you into another world.

This bamboo house might be indestructible

The Blooming Bamboo house can withstand five-foot-high floods -- and it's PRETTY.

This inflatable community space happens to be inside a dumpster

It's like Park(ing) Day, except smellier!