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Tell Grist: What’s your favorite green hot spot in Portland?

You know you love it.Photo: megaulYo Portlandia! We’re compiling a guide to the perfect green Portland weekend and we need your help! So you have an out-of-town visitor — where do you take ‘em for great local food or beer? What’s the can’t-miss farmers market, bike shop, or organic cupcakery — or is the octopus exhibit at the local aquarium to die for? If you’re not a local, what’s the green must-see spot you frequent when you’re in town? Let us know your green Portland hot spots in your favorite flavor of the internet: Tell us in the comments below …


Lady Gaga’s boyfriend writes binge-drinking health book ‘The Drunk Diet’

You and me could write a bad fromage.Photo: Drunk Diet Beer for breakfast! Lord Gaga (real name: Lüc Carl) lost 40 pounds by binge-drinking — and his sound weight-loss tips will be featured in forthcoming book The Drunk Diet, reports The New York Observer. His blog has some great previews of health tips: On life choices: “You must choose between the abs and the ice cream, and choose which un-happiness [sic] works best for you.” On grocery shopping: “Make sure you’re sober when you go to the grocery store or you’ll get f*cked in the *ss.” On Four Loko: “It …


Silly science: Animals make friends too

As anyone with cats already knows, animals can be buddies. Now scientists have caught up with the rest of us: “At least five types of animals maintain relationships that are comparable to human friendships,” says Discovery News. So which animals have BFFs? In addition to bats, the newest animal discovered to make long-term relationships, “elephants, dolphins, some carnivores and certain non-human primates, such as chimpanzees, have the ability — just as humans do — to maintain enduring friendships,” reports Jennifer Viegas. Guess Milo and Otis were on to something. Ladybats are friendlier: “Female wild Bechstein’s bats prefer to literally hang …


Bad food makes kids dumber, study says

Look, ma! No nutrients!Photo: Amanda WestmontA new study says 3-year-olds who mostly eat processed foods have lower IQs five years later. (So Pop-Tarts and Sunny-D are why we’re “falling behind” China in math and science?) The study, cited in The Guardian, examined the diets of 14,000 wee Britlets, based on what their parents reported feeding them. Three is the magic number: Your brain grows the fastest from birth to age 3, says The Guardian, and what kids eat at 3 affects intelligence later — even if the kid’s diet improves afterwards. Dumb and dumber: “Every one-point increase in the study’s …


TreeShagger: Do all green dating sites suck?

Computer love.Photo: Jeremy BrooksWelcome to TreeShagger, our new column on green dating. If you’ve got green dating questions, send ‘em our way! The internet wants to help you find love. One in five newly committed couples met through a dating site, says Match.com [PDF] (and I’m sure they’re not biased). And Google ads recently volunteered to help me “meet yoga singles.” (Google, do I look like I do yoga? I’m barely flexible enough to sit in a chair.) What’s a green single with wifi to do? I decided to find out. Sacrificing my dignity for your carnal pleasure, I joined …


6 things you didn’t know about condoms

Rock and unroll.Photo: OhMiBod It’s almost Valentine’s Day, and you know what that means: time to gird your loins. Here are some wacky prophylactic facts to get you excited (ahem) about condoms, if the whole “prevent kids and the spread of disease” thing isn’t sexy enough for you. 6. Valentine’s Day is also National Condom Day [PDF]. The whole week following V-Day is actually National Condom Week, started by UC-Berkeley students in 1978. And the American Social Health Association deems February National Condom Month! Let’s hope Some E-Cards has something snarky in store for the occasion (like this gem). 5. …


Climate refugees star in Oscar-nominated ‘Sun Come Up’ [VIDEO]

Photo: Sun Come Up If you’re tracking this year’s green Oscar nominees, another one to watch is Sun Come Up — which could really be titled Water Come Up because it’s about rising sea levels. Filmmaker Jennifer Redfearn tells the story of climate refugees in Papua New Guinea. All 3,000 residents of the Carteret Pacific Islands have to move because their six islands will soon be underwater. Many are going to the island of Bougainville 50 miles away, where they’ll have to adjust to a cash economy and a different culture. Thanks, flooding and erosion. (Watch your back, Venice.)   …


Crematorium to heat U.K. swimming pool

An angel just got its water wings.Photo: Tommy KlumkerA town near London plans to warm its new sports center and public pool with heat from a nearby crematorium. It could save the town $100,000 as well as boost its environmental cred. “[T]his form of energy is certainly renewable, unless locals stop dying,” writes Triple Pundit. Said the town council leader, Carole Gandy, on the council’s website: “The use of waste heat energy in this way is good practice and very innovative. It would genuinely be a first in the U.K. and demonstrates Redditch Borough Council’s seriousness about addressing climate change …


Groundhog Day and climate change: sucky weather for Punxsutawney Phil

We’ll get a tiny shovel for you, Phil.Photo: alemaxaleUpdate: Phil didn’t see his shadow, so supposedly we’re in for a short winter. Thanks, climate change! “Groundhog Day is a lot like a rock concert, but the people are better behaved and there’s a groundhog involved,” the editor of a Punxsutawney newspaper told National Geographic. Just in time for this year’s furry rock concert, the National Weather Service has issued a winter storm warning for the Northeast, including Jefferson County, Penn., home to Punxsutawney. The region can expect several inches of snow and hazardous weather. Overall, the storm could affect more …

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