Isa Hopkins

Isa Hopkins is a writer and comedian in Oakland, Calif. She blogs about items both funny and serious and occupies Twitter with the codename @isahops.


Architecture for the people, by the people

A new generation of architects builds community and sustainability right into their designs.


Red, Bike & Green wants to shift the color balance in bicycling

The Bay Area's bicycling culture was lacking in the diversity department. Jenna Burton set out to change that.


‘Peer-to-peer’ lending cuts out the Wall Street middlemen

Social lending outfits allow you to loan money to actual humans, providing a leg up for people who really need one.


Couchsurfing the continents: On the road with the sharing economy

In which our hero travels to South America with a little money and a lot of luck, and learns about the power of human generosity.


Giving thanks for public transit — weirdos and all

Sure, using public transportation saves money and reduces your environmental footprint. But that's not why we love it.


America’s silent housing crisis calls for a fresh, greener approach

Habitat for Humanity has made a name for itself building new houses for poor people. Meanwhile, there is a silent crisis among those who can’t afford to keep up the homes they’re already in.


Tightening the Rust Belt: How a Clevelander fell in love with Pittsburgh

During a week spent fixing up an old house, including a glamorous MLK Day hanging out in a dumpster, one young urbanite fell prey to the charms of the Steel City -- and its ability to turn abandonment into opportunity.


Forget about San Francisco: Second-tier towns are where the action is

In down-and-out cities like Oakland, St. Louis, and Knoxville, there's more freedom to do your thing, and a hunger for fresh energy and ideas.

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