Jack Lienke

Jack Lienke is a senior attorney at the Institute for Policy Integrity and a coauthor, with Richard L. Revesz, of Struggling for Air: Power Plants and the “War on Coal.” Follow him on Twitter at @jacklienke.

Guest post

Here’s why supporters of the Clean Power Plan are feeling optimistic

The rule had a very good day in court.

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How Obama went from coal’s top cheerleader to its No. 1 enemy

The coal industry used to see the president as an ally. Those days are long gone.

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Scalia’s death means Obama’s Clean Power Plan is more likely to succeed

The president's most important climate initiative now has a better chance of being upheld by the Supreme Court.

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Obama’s Clean Power Plan survives a legal challenge

But there are plenty more where that came from.

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Here’s why you shouldn’t worry about the Supreme Court’s latest environmental ruling

The court threw a wrench in Obama's mercury rule for power plants, but the real-world impacts should be negligible to nonexistent.

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What methane and Harrison Ford have in common

They’re both fugitives, and only the feds can track them down.

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Could a copy-editing error undermine Obama’s climate rule?

A federal appeals court recently took a red pen to the Affordable Care Act. The president’s signature environmental achievement could be next. But don't panic yet.