Jake Schmidt

Jake Schmidt is the international climate policy director at Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC). He blogs regularly on international climate change issues and the negotiations on NRDC's Switchboard and tweets at: http://twitter.com/jschmidtnrdc

old is new again

Turning old industrial plants into clean energy economic zones in Shanghai, China

A group from the NRDC just visited Shanghai, China to discuss helping turn an old iron and steel alloy plant into a new clean energy development zone.

China Clean Energy Development in Action: Seeing the Coda-Lishen Battery Plant in Person

While I was at the climate negotiations in Tianjin, China I had the chance to take a side trip to see clean energy development in …

Quite a Party

The good and bad news from the Tianjin climate change negotiations

Countries meeting in Tianjin, China are trying to make final progress before the world comes together in Cancun. There are some essential elements that need to be agreed in Cancun to prove that this process can deliver real action, to begin to implement key elements of the international response to climate change, and to lay the foundation for further commitments beyond Cancun. So how are we doing a little over one week into the Tianjin session? We have mixed results.

Key steps on global warming need to be agreed in Mexico later this year

This December, 194 countries will be in Cancun, Mexico to continue negotiations on international efforts to address climate change.  My colleagues and I are in …

Are you in the clean energy race?

Energy ministers meet in U.S. to discuss clean energy

Who will lead the global race for the clean energy future?Photo courtesy of the U.S. Coast Guard via flickrThe race for the clean energy future …

Canadian bakin'

G20 leaders to meet and discuss global warming … but only a little bit

G20 leaders meet at the 2009 London summit.Photo: Downing Street via Flickr On June 26-27, leaders from the 20 largest economies will meet in Toronto, …

Assessing the world

Some international findings from EPA analysis of the American Power Act

The Obama administration has just released the U.S. EPA analysis of the American Power Act and it shows that U.S. action coupled with reasonable actions by other countries will put us on a path to preventing the worst impacts of global warming.

Domestic offsets in the American Power Act: preserving the integrity?

This post was co-written with Sasha Lyutse. NRDC staff have posted assessments of a number of key elements of the Kerry-Lieberman American Power Act discussion …

Deforestation reductions could save U.S. farmers, ranchers, and foresters $220 Billion

If losing one football sized area of forestland every second or the potential to stop global warming pollution equivalent to all the world’s transportation sector …