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From applause to the reality of the work ahead

Towards the Copenhagen climate change agreement: Round One

The international global warming negotiations in Bonn, Germany have just wrapped up. They began with a loud applause as U.S. Special Climate Envoy Todd Stern announced that the U.S. is back. And they ended with the reality of the work that needs to be done over the next 8 months to ensure a strong agreement in Copenhagen. There is a lot to be done, but there are hints that with strong leadership the pieces can fall into place. While little progress was concluded at this meeting, some signs emerged of how the pieces will fall into place for the four …


Waiting for clearance

Aviation industry proposing solutions to solving their global warming pollution?

Photo: The Shane H via Flickr While most of the climate negotiations in Bonn have been focused on key issues around the overall agreement, as I've discussed here and here, there has also been some side discussions on other key issues. I've been involved in a couple of discussions (outside the formal negotiations) around how aviation will contribute to efforts to solve global warming. The aviation industry has had a mandate under the International Civil Aviation Organization to develop a policy framework to reduce their global warming pollution since 1998, but has made only minor progress. Some progress has occurred …

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The Waxman-Markey discussion draft

Providing the tools to get a strong international climate agreement

People always ask me: how do we get a strong international commitment to solve global warming pollution? What "tools" do U.S. negotiators (and others) have to secure an equitable commitment from all major emitters to reduce global warming pollution? How do we support the most vulnerable developing countries in adapting to the impacts of global warming? These questions are extremely relevant right now as the international climate negotiations are getting serious, the US is finally back, and Representatives Waxman and Markey just released a "discussion draft" for spurring clean energy and global warming solutions (full draft is available here). While …