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Australia ousts climate-denying prime minister, gets new one who has argued for climate action

Outgoing PM Tony Abbott is a climate denier. Brand-new PM Malcolm Turnbull is not, but he still isn't planning to change policy anytime soon.

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Many U.S. Catholics haven’t heard of Pope Francis’ climate push

But his visit to the United States could change all that.

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This is crazy, but we actually have good news about climate change

A new study suggests we have a fighting chance to avoid catastrophic warming.

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Watch Obama get really angry — and really funny — when he rants about climate change

In a joke-packed speech to the White House Correspondents' Association, Obama got so "angry" at climate deniers that he scared off his "anger translator."


Beijing’s air is now a little less toxic

A new study suggests China's tough new pollution standards might actually be working.

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These countries are making polluters pay

By next year, nearly half of global GDP will be covered by cap-and-trade programs.

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Apple to spend $850 million on solar energy

Its massive new installation will produce enough power to supply 60,000 California homes, says CEO Tim Cook.

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Flooding is on the rise in the Midwest, and we’re totally unprepared

New research shows Midwest flooding has become more frequent over the last 50 years -- so now the government is scrambling to get a risk management plan in order.

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257,000 people could die from China’s toxic air over the next decade

That really is a lot of people; it’s roughly equal to the population of Orlando, Fla., or Buffalo, N.Y.