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These countries are making polluters pay

By next year, nearly half of global GDP will be covered by cap-and-trade programs.

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Apple to spend $850 million on solar energy

Its massive new installation will produce enough power to supply 60,000 California homes, says CEO Tim Cook.

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Flooding is on the rise in the Midwest, and we’re totally unprepared

New research shows Midwest flooding has become more frequent over the last 50 years -- so now the government is scrambling to get a risk management plan in order.

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257,000 people could die from China’s toxic air over the next decade

That really is a lot of people; it’s roughly equal to the population of Orlando, Fla., or Buffalo, N.Y.

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Australian prime minister’s reign of climate terror may end soon

Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott could soon be booted from office.


Obama’s budget calls for billions to fight climate change

The president wants to increase spending on renewable energy and emissions reductions.


Beijing’s toxic air is literally off the charts



Koalas don’t need your mittens, thanks

After record-breaking fires hit Australia, an emergency call went out: Injured koalas need mittens to protect their burned paws! Don't dig out the sewing machine just yet.

Climate & Energy

Clean energy rebounds big time in 2014

China continues to lead the world in green investment.