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James West is a Climate Desk producer. Follow him on Twitter.

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Claws and effect: Climate change turns lobsters into cannibals

In warming seas, even lobsters think lobster is delicious. (Terrifying video included!)

Climate & Energy

Five gorgeous landmarks threatened by rising seas

Thanks to climate change, postcard-perfect lighthouses, parks, and seaside city blocks could soon be swallowed into the ocean.

Climate & Energy

Live chat: Obama’s new climate plan

David Roberts chats with Kate Sheppard from Mother Jones and James West of Climate Desk about Obama's big speech.

Climate & Energy

Occupy Sandy: Once welcomed, now questioned

The Occupy movement's relief team still hasn't disbursed all the money it raised to help one of New York City's hardest hit neighborhoods.

Climate & Energy

How climate change makes wildfires worse

In Colorado, extreme weather is fueling fierce fires. Again.

Climate & Energy

FEMA report: Climate change could increase areas at risk of flood by 45 percent

A landmark study finds climate change could have a huge impact on the National Flood Insurance Program.

Climate & Energy

She’s got the Power: What does Obama’s U.N. ambassador pick think about climate?

Samantha Power hasn't said much on climate change.

Climate & Energy

How to fix the climate, in one simple flowchart

Will eating fewer hamburgers help? How about dumping iron into the ocean? Here's your one-stop shop for the answers.

Climate & Energy

Feeding the trolls: Meeting with a climate denier, face to face

Climate Desk explores who gets to define the truth about climate change in the digital age.

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