James West

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Obama’s budget calls for billions to fight climate change

The president wants to increase spending on renewable energy and emissions reductions.

Beijing’s toxic air is literally off the charts


Koala mittens

Koalas don’t need your mittens, thanks

After record-breaking fires hit Australia, an emergency call went out: Injured koalas need mittens to protect their burned paws! Don't dig out the sewing machine just yet.

Solar and wind power

Clean energy rebounds big time in 2014

China continues to lead the world in green investment.

grimm news

This Republican believes in climate change. Too bad he’s a convicted felon who’s leaving Congress

Michael Grimm was one of a precious few Republican politicians who actually accepted the science of climate change.

2014 was officially the hottest year ever

The Japan Meteorological Agency released data confirming that 2014 was the hottest year globally since record-keeping began.

Watch the year’s biggest climate stories in 2 minutes

A year of extreme weather, climate denial, and some hope.

Red crab migration

Millions of crabs swarm Australia for a giant beach party

But climate change could disrupt their spectacular annual migration.

Even Australia is joining the climate fight

Climate supervillain Australia just pulled a Magneto.