James West

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Climate & Energy

How climate change makes wildfires worse

In Colorado, extreme weather is fueling fierce fires. Again.

Climate & Energy

FEMA report: Climate change could increase areas at risk of flood by 45 percent

A landmark study finds climate change could have a huge impact on the National Flood Insurance Program.

Climate & Energy

She’s got the Power: What does Obama’s U.N. ambassador pick think about climate?

Samantha Power hasn't said much on climate change.

Climate & Energy

How to fix the climate, in one simple flowchart

Will eating fewer hamburgers help? How about dumping iron into the ocean? Here's your one-stop shop for the answers.

Climate & Energy

Feeding the trolls: Meeting with a climate denier, face to face

Climate Desk explores who gets to define the truth about climate change in the digital age.

Climate & Energy

We just passed the climate’s ‘grim milestone’

A monitor in Hawaii registered 400 parts per million of carbon dioxide in Earth's atmosphere. Here's what that means.

Climate & Energy

How Thatcher made the conservative case for climate action

In her later years, Margaret Thatcher tried to water down her climate legacy, but as prime minister, she rallied the world behind global action.

Climate & Energy

Withering drought still plaguing half of America

New figures show large swathes of the U.S. remain in the grip of drought, with worse to come.

Business & Technology

How much is a beachfront home in the Sandy-ravaged Rockaways?

Homes ripped apart by Sandy are proving to be magnets for bargain hunters -- but not everyone is getting a good deal.

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