James West

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Climate & Energy

Watch this reporter drink purified sewage

California's historic drought is forcing once-squeamish Californians to take a new look at “toilet-to-tap” water reuse.

Climate & Energy

This huge corporation is tackling climate change — because it’s a threat to the bottom line

Food giant General Mills now has some pretty sweet climate bragging rights.

Business & Technology

Inside the huge solar farm that powers Apple’s iCloud

Lisa Jackson on Apple's wide-ranging plan to green its act.

Climate & Energy

Inside Yingli, the giant Chinese solar company sponsoring the World Cup

You've seen their logos on the sidelines, now get a peak inside the company trying to transform the world.

Climate & Energy

If you think climate politics in the U.S. are crazy, wait till you see what just happened in Australia

The latest addition to Australia's climate circus? Al Gore.

Climate & Energy

Here’s what the battle over Iraqi oil means for America

Even with the fracking boom, the U.S. is still tied to global oil markets.

Climate & Energy

Obama takes his boldest step ever to fight climate change

The EPA is rolling out an ambitious plan to slash greenhouse gas emissions from power plants.

Climate & Energy

What these historical kings and marauders can teach our leaders about climate change

Never fight a land war in Asia -- unless the climate is on your side.

Climate & Energy

When it trains, it pours: The 10 worst oil-by-rail spills of the decade

We don't need no stinking pipeline to spill oil everywhere -- we have trains for that!