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Partying green isn't just for St. Patty's

The greenest party schools

The new College Sustainability Report Card is out, ranking schools on their green cred. Sierra magazine and The Princeton Review also rate campuses on their sustainability. But students might not want to choose their college based on eco-savviness alone. Which schools make the green grade and know how to party? Where can you join a bike co-op, compost your dorm waste, and then get completely trashed while owning at beer pong? We have you covered, brosky.

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wearing me out

Readers refashion their wardrobe with re-usey couture [PHOTOS]

Photo: Grist reader Alyce SantoroThey say clothes make the man, but what happens when that man throws away his clothes? The EPA estimates that Americans individually throw out more than 68 pounds of clothing every year. Fortunately, there's been a growing movement to mend our ways. This month, Umbra schooled us about recycling our fabrics, and some companies are working to reduce waste by making new fabrics out of recycled materials like plastic bottles or old denim. We like to call refashioning your wardrobe, "re-usey couture." And this month, we asked Grist readers to submit photos of their own reused …

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you wear what you eat

From the kitchen to the catwalk: clothing you can wear, then eat [SLIDESHOW]

Chocolate fashion show in New York. Photo: BoshLately at Grist, we've had fashion on our minds (but never on our bodies; for some reason hemp pants still haven't caught on). Lady Gaga recently raised a ruckus with the meat dress she wore to the MTV Video Music Awards. And last week, we polar-fleeced-Seattleites warily watched Fashion Week take New York by storm. So in honor of comestible couture and fashion in general, we've compiled some of the more delectable rags you can sport from the kitchen table to the catwalk. Photographer Ted Sabarese was generous enough to lend us incredible …

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