Japhet Koteen

Japhet is a community builder, urban planner, real estate developer, interdisciplinarian and general advocate for internalizing externalities, fixing market failures, and leaving the world better than he found it. He likes to intervene in complex systems, create great places, and shed light on obscure subjects that matter to us all.

Tar Sands Protest is like the War on Drugs

What I am about to say may be considered blasphemy: I think the tar sands protests are misguided and will not (should not) achieve their stated goal. Before you grab your sustainably harvested bamboo pitchforks, I should say that I …

Obama secretly saves world while environmentalists protest

While Bill McKibben and Daryl Hannah were getting hauled away in handcuffs in protest of the Obama administration’s decision to approve the Keystone XL pipeline, that same administration was quietly fixing the problem.  I don’t have an informed opinion about …

Airport beekeeping project is a win-win-win

A new project raises bees on undeveloped land near O'Hare Airport, trains ex-convicts in beekeeping, and sells the resulting honey and beeswax.

We can save $78 billion by ending oil and gas subsidies

We could save $78 billion by ending oil and gas subsidies.

Better cities could save $31 billion a year

A new report by CEO’s For Cities shows how access to destinations is more important than how fast you can drive in your car while you are trying to get there.  The report, titled, “Driven Apart: How Sprawl is lengthening our …