Jeff Shaw

Jeff Shaw is an award-winning environmental journalist. His work has appeared in publications including The Nation, In These Times, and The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists.

A new resort complex threatens a Japanese paradise

The elusive and endangered yamaneko. Photo: Makoto Yokotsuka. The Iriomote cat is a survivor. For centuries, it employed the surest survival technique of all — avoiding humans — before being scientifically described for the first time in 1967 by Dr. …

Business & Technology

Wood-labeling program less green than it appears

If you’ve got plans to undertake a woodworking project — building a deck, say, or a fancy new china cabinet — you’re probably not going to figure a plane ticket to Burma or Humboldt County, Calif., into the budget, even …


Okinawan sea life likely to suffer under Navy sonar deal

Every year, scuba divers make tens of thousands of excursions into the waters off Okinawa, Japan, drawn by the spectacular array of sea life on display. Soon, though, that sea life may be blasted out of the water by an …