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Climate change side effect: overworked doctors?

A study published this week in science journal Climatic Change models how hospital admissions for things like diabetes, kidney stones, and suicide attempts will rise along with the temperature, something that's expected to happen as global warming increases the average yearly temperature and causes temperature swings. Those most at risk for climate-related hospital admittance (and resulting deaths) are the very young and the elderly, whose regulatory systems are less able to adapt to high temperatures. With a health-care system that is already taxed, such an increase could overwhelm small hospitals or those with limited resources. The authors of the study …


All you scientists can hold your breath

Climate denialism down, but so is caring about climate

Scientific American and Nature recently published the results of a survey they undertook to understand how Americans feel about science. Unfortunately, because they solicited participation via their respective websites, the 21,000 respondents were above-average in scientific understanding: a whopping 19 percent had doctorates, versus around 1 percent of the general population. Predictably, the #1 source of trusted information for this reader group was ... wait for it ... scientists! The least trusted was "religious authorities." Despite this bias, one encouraging finding was that climate denialism is shrinking, and the U.S. is not among the worst offenders. According to the survey, in the U.S. 37 percent …

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