Jennifer Prediger

Jennifer Prediger is a writer and producer who channels Umbra Fisk for Grist in the world of online video. She recently joined a CSA and is learning how to live with less take-out.

Melt with you

How hot is it? Hot enough to shave your cat?

How hot is it? Hot enough to shave your cat?Photo: Jennifer PredigerWelcome to summer. We’re having a heat wave here in the Northeast that’s breaking records. Some sizzling places recorded temps of 103 degrees F yesterday! And more of the same is expected today. The Big Apple is broiling. Four of the five boroughs of New York City have reported power outages, including Brooklyn where I live. All those air conditioners are taxing the grid. So, I’m working at home without AC today to do my part to save electricity.  With my windows wide open and my ceiling and floor …

Learning curveball

Urbivore’s Dilemma, Week 4: A disgusting mess

The bounty of week 4.(Jennifer Prediger photos) Welcome to week four of my CSA experience, which I’m chronicling here in this Urbivore’s Dilemma series. This week’s CSA bounty included Bibb lettuce, mustard greens, sorrel, raspberries, sugar snap peas, and lovely, blossoming yet spicy curly cress. Food like this is what makes switching from takeout to farm-fresh such a beautiful experience. Along with the pride that comes from cooking things you’ve never seen before, you feel healthier, happier, more connected to people and the land. It’s almost like riding off into the sunset with CSA produce in hand. Except when it’s …

Mustarding up enthusiasm

Urbivore’s Dilemma, Week 3: A bounty of greens and fruit

This week’s bounty(Jennifer Prediger photos)I made it to delicious Week 3 of my farm to table CSA experience, which I’m chronicling here in this Urbivore’s Dilemma series. Last week was made so delightful by all of the terrific suggestions for what to expect and cook with my CSA’s offerings from you, readers. Thank you for sharing your insights, ideas, beautiful pictures and video of what you get from your CSAs in different parts of the country. It makes me want to hop on my bike and ride across the nation to ‘live off the fat of the land’. Here in …

Band aid

Mos Def and Lenny Kravitz sing the blues for the big blue

Mos Def and Ben Jaffe wrote it. Lenny Kravitz, Trombone Shorty, Tim Robbins, and the Preservation Hall Jazz Band all joined in to make a song to help the non-profit, Gulf Aid. It’s a song dedicated to BP called “It Ain’t My Fault.” It’s a great number, but I still prefer the t-shirt I heard someone propose recently that anyone can wear that says, “I caused the oil spill.” You can learn more about Gulf Aid and how to support their work here.

miconstrued minconstruction

Must-sea TV on the oil spill from Comedy Central

Staying up-to-date on the oil spill sucks a little bit less thanks to Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert (and Grist!). Here are the latest offerings from Day 62 of “The Strife Aquatic.” Worth watching!

Oversharing in Manhattan

Urbivore’s Dilemma, Week 2: Sticks and leaves, burdock root, and two stalks of asparagus?

The rather mysterious contents of Box No. 2.(Jennnifer Prediger photos) It’s week two of my journey as a CSA shareholder, which I’ll be chronicling in this Urbivore’s Dilemma series. (Read the first installment.) It’s been quite a learning curve so far. Not just from the vegetables and how to cook them, but also learning what to expect from a CSA. The friend who encouraged me to join this CSA told me she and her husband split their share before with another couple. It was so much food, she said, they would have it over the course of two weeks. Expecting …

Urbivore's dilemma

A takeout eater turns CSA shareholder

I’ve lived in New York for four years. Being a busy, free spirit in the city doesn’t lend itself to grocery shopping and meal planning. So, like many New Yorkers, I enjoyed living off the fat of the land. And by that I mean the takeout menu. Like many of my peers on the takeout diet, I was spending way too much money and getting a little puffy around the edges. Containers lay strewn about my apartment. Which is how I learned my sweet pad-thai containers don’t biodegrade. OK, so I didn’t learn it that way. But it is true. …

When Laughter is the best Oil Spill Solution

BP gets proverbial a** kicking from funny men

Since the oil keeps spilling in the Gulf of Mexico and there’s still not much you and I can do, it seems for now that laughter is the best solution. Yep, that’s pathetic. But this isn’t just a laugh for laughter’s sake. This satire is social commentary in its highest incarnation. Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert give BP the one, two punch this week. They skewer tarballs, BP CEO Tony Hayward, the MMS, and President Obama’s latest quest to figure out whose a** to kick. Watch for the latest in oil spill-related news and lambasting. Ass Quest 2010 President Obama …

BP (Beyond Patience) TV

The gulf oil spill in video

Day 36: Scenes from the BP oil spill disaster. Embattled CEO walks oil-stained beach. Embattled president caught in Rand Paul/Sarah Palin firestorm. Oily, pink people turn angry and naked in Houston. Rachel Maddow, Steven Chu, Sylvia Earle, and so much more … Last night, Rachel Maddow devoted most of her show to the oil spill, including an interview with seemingly distraught BP CEO Tony Hayward: And here’s Maddow’s with Energy Secretary Steven Chu: Sarah Palin says Obama is sleeping with BP, because the oil giant gave him more money than any other candidate in the last Presidential election. Watchdog group, …

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