Jeremy Schulman

Jeremy Schulman is based in Mother Jones' Washington bureau and is senior project manager for Climate Desk.

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Bernie Sanders says climate change is still our biggest national security threat

"Climate change is directly related to the growth of terrorism," Sanders said at the Democratic debate on Saturday, citing CIA intelligence.


These 2 Republican candidates are reasonable on climate change. They won’t be at the debate

Lindsey Graham and George Pataki have the strongest records on climate change, but they're not doing well in the polls.

Climate & Energy

These two Republican presidential candidates defended climate science during debate

Watch George Pataki and Lindsey Graham say CO2 is heating up the planet. Too bad they were at the second-tier debate instead of the first.

Climate & Energy

Mexico coast to be hit by record-breaking hurricane

Hurricane Patricia just became the strongest hurricane ever recorded in the Western hemisphere.

Climate & Energy

Jeb Bush had some surprising things to say about energy subsidies

The problem with universally condemning energy subsidies is that they're not all the same.


Mike Huckabee can’t make up his mind about ethanol

The GOP presidential hopeful has been a vocal supporter of the ethanol industry -- except when he bashes it.


This geoengineering scheme could halt climate change — but it’s probably a terrible idea

Scientist Ken Caldeira explains.


We’ll need more vaccines in a warming world

Climate change could make deadly diseases like rotavirus even worse.

Climate & Energy

Was 2014 really the hottest? Here’s why it doesn’t matter

Instead of getting stuck on annual heat records, we need to focus on the trend of global warming.