Jeremy Schulman

Jeremy Schulman is based in Mother Jones' Washington bureau and is senior project manager for Climate Desk.

down to earth

NASA climate research won’t go down without a fight

"We'll get scientists to march on Washington if we have to."

guest post

The worst anti-science nonsense of 2016

Between Trump's Cabinet, Jill Stein, and Hurricane Matthew truthers, science has been attacked from all sides.

A state-by-state guide to climate on the ballot

Read about the races that will impact our climate future.

laissez faire enough

Gary Johnson on climate: Eh, the sun will destroy the planet eventually anyway

The Libertarian candidate believes global warming is a moot point.

Climate denial doesn’t totally suck in Northeast primary states

A small majority of Northeast residents embraces the scientific consensus.

Obama blasts GOP candidates for denying climate change — and says Trump won’t be president

At a press conference on Tuesday, the president said the international community is troubled by Republicans’ refusal to act against climate change.

Why a climate change denier will almost certainly win the GOP primary in New Hampshire

Will Trump, Rubio, and Cruz's extreme views on climate hurt them in New Hampshire? Probably not.

From Halliburton to Walmart, these big corporations will make money off of climate change

These companies aren't rooting for catastrophic warming -- but they are thinking about the business opportunities that could result.

The GOP primary just got a little less sane on climate change

Lindsey Graham was one of the few Republicans contenders with a reasonable position on climate change. He just dropped out.