Jeremy Schulman

Jeremy Schulman is based in Mother Jones' Washington bureau and is senior project manager for Climate Desk.

Climate & Energy

Join us for live coverage of the U.N. climate talks

President Obama is among the world leaders talking about climate change in New York City.

Climate & Energy

Obama takes his boldest step ever to fight climate change

The EPA is rolling out an ambitious plan to slash greenhouse gas emissions from power plants.

Climate & Energy

How 9 major papers deal with climate-denying letters

The Los Angeles Times took a stand against climate misinformation on its letters page. Will other newspapers follow its lead?

Climate & Energy

What’s really going on with Arctic sea ice?

Slate writer Phil Plait debunks the recent misinformation about melting ice and explains why you should care about climate change.

Climate & Energy

How energy efficient is your city?

A new report ranks 34 major U.S. cities by their energy-use policies.

Climate & Energy

7 more national parks threatened by fire

Yosemite isn't the only park facing a growing risk of wildfires.

Climate & Energy

Defense contractor: Climate change could create “business opportunities”

Raytheon is worried about the risks of global warming. But it also thinks climate-related "security concerns" could boost demand for its military products.

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