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Jess Zimmerman's Posts


What corporate logos does a 5-year-old know?

This video, in which designer Adam Ladd's 5-year-old daughter rattles off corporate logos while sounding exactly like Marcel the Shell, is simultaneously adorable and sobering:


Watch a rabbit herd sheep

Here's an adorable innovation for all you urban farmers out there:


This house is so tiny it fits in your pocket

Two hundred square feet? SO last year. The newest tiny house folds up to fit in your pocket.

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The Muppets take on Fox News

Fox News thinks the Muppets have a bias against oil companies. The Muppets point out they spent the movie DRIVING TO FRANCE IN A CAR (uh, spoiler alert). Also, Miss Piggy does not much care for Murdoch and his enterprises:

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LeBron James bikes to work

I know next to nothing about sports, but I'm told that a) this is LeBron James, b) he is not normally the bikey kind of athlete, and c) he IS the extremely highly paid kind of athlete who probably owns 20 cars and a "this is where the magic happens" room. So it's pretty impressive that a fan caught a photo of him biking to a game.

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WSJ will publish literally anything, as long as it disputes global warming

Ready for a little peek behind the editorial decision-making curtain at the Wall Street Journal? On Friday, the paper published an op-ed disputing anthropogenic global warming, on the strength of its being signed by 16 scientists. Sixteen, wow, that's a lot! Except that in May 2010, 255 members of the National Academy of Science wrote an op-ed laying out the actual facts about global warming, and the WSJ turned it down. (It was published in Science instead.) Wait, is it possible this isn't about the number of scientists at all??

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State Dept. official overstates Keystone jobs by a factor of 10

The State Department wants to set the record straight: When they said the Keystone XL pipeline would create 35,000 jobs, they were entirely correct, in some kind of number system where 100 equals 1,000. Otherwise, they may have exaggerated a little.

In testimony before the House Energy and Commerce Committee on Wednesday,  Assistant Secretary of State Dr. Kerri-Ann Jones should have said the pipeline’s indirect job potential was 3,500 annual jobs but instead she said 35,000.


High school culinary students eat their own classroom pets

Students in the culinary program at Jasper Place High School in Edmonton, Canada (yes, Canada apparently has culinary programs in high school) probably think farm-to-table restaurants are a pretty cute idea. Oh, you have a farm on your roof? You must be so proud. We have a farm ON OUR ACTUAL TABLE.

The students are raising 100 tilapia, which they'll cook for college credit in the spring.


1,000-pound butter sculpture will power farm for three days

Like deep-fried cake on a stick (or regional variants), butter sculpture is a staple of state fair tradition that will never go away even if it's unnecessary and kinda gross. But at least the Pennsylvania state fair is using its behemoth butter statuary as a source of alternative energy.

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‘Winter Jam Canceled Due to Lack of Winter’

The New York City parks department's annual Winter Jam in Prospect Park has been nixed due to unseasonably warm temperatures -- it's kind of hard to have winter sports demonstrations when you don't have any winter. (There is basically no way we could improve on the Times headline about the decision, so we're just gonna let that sit up there so you can appreciate it.)

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